The Brick Parkour Asian Tour Malaysia 2023.

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The Brick Parkour Asian Tour Malaysia 2023. | Parkour is a physical discipline and training method that focuses on efficiently navigating through obstacles using a combination of running, jumping, climbing, and other movements. It originated in France and was popularized by David Belle and his group of friends known as the Yamakasi in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Parkour practitioners, often referred to as traceurs (for males) and traceuses (for females), aim to move fluidly and quickly through their environment, overcoming challenges in urban and natural settings. Recently, the world champion of parkour make a stop for their Asian tour at AEON Mall Shah Alam. 

The Brick Parkour Asian Tour at AEON MALL Shah Alam. 

Malaysia was in kicking off the Brick Parkour Asian Tour on the 15 & 16 August 2023. All world-class Parkour Asian Tour that has landed in AEON MALL Shah Alam, and many were there to learn to master skills, build speed, and freestyle from the experts!

Interestingly, AEON Malaysia has been the host for the first time in this glorious event. The event featured participants from various countries, gathered at AEON MALL Shah Alam to showcase their skills in the challenging art of parkour.

This is a historic moment, not only in Malaysia, but also in the entire Southeast Asian Region. Previously, this event had taken place in Indonesia. Next, this event will take place in Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

In the Brick Parkour Asian Tour, there are three parkour disciplines that are contested, namely skill, freestyle and speed. International Parkour athletes such as Javier Rodriguez from Mexico, Audrey Johnson female athlete from the United States, Carly Cordt Moeller from Switzerland and Stephanie from Australia participated in this event.

Congratulations to the Winners!

Muhammad Naqib Abu Bakar 

Parkour speedrun Challenge Bricks Asian Tour, Local vs. International Athletes (final round) saw a participant from Malaysia, Muhammad Naqib Abu Bakar become the Champion

Followed by the second place contestant, Koh Chen Pin and Muhammad Faiz Saifulrahman from Singapore became the third place winner.

The event became more meaningful with the presence of the Deputy Minister, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Y.Bhg Adam Ali and special guest, the Chief Executive Officer, International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), Morinari Watanabe. Also present were the Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Gymnastics Federation, Dato Tan Gin Soon, the First Secretary, Japanese Consulate of Malaysia, Daisuke Takakashi and the Deputy Managing Director of AEON Malaysia, Naoya Okada.

Parkour has gained significant popularity around the world and has influenced various other disciplines, including freerunning, which incorporates acrobatic and stylistic movements into the practice. It's important to note that while parkour can be a thrilling and visually impressive activity, it does come with inherent risks. Proper training, supervision, and gradual progression are crucial for safety.

After this competition, AEON Mall will endeavor to further promote the sport of parkour in AEON shopping malls throughout the state in their efforts to introduce a healthy lifestyle to the surrounding communities. Furthermore, parkour is a sport that involves moving through physical obstacles creatively and efficiently, and it is not only good for physical health but it also has other valuable benefits.

If you're interested in learning parkour, it's recommended to seek out qualified instructors or training groups who can provide guidance and ensure that you develop the necessary skills in a safe and controlled manner.

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