Kaabah : The History and Greatness of It.

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Kaabah: The History and Greatness of It. | The Kaaba (also spelled as Ka'bah or Kaaba) is a sacred building located in the center of the Masjid al-Haram mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is considered the most sacred site in Islam and holds immense religious significance for Muslims worldwide. The word "Kaaba" in Arabic means "cube."

Alhamdulillah, I had the opportunity last year to visit the Holy Makkah and able to sit down and pray in front of Kaabah. It was a great special moment I had for 2022.

History of the Construction of Kaaba

The Kaaba, the house of God, is the qibla that all Muslims face when praying.

It is narrated that Allah made the site of the Temple supported by four pillars of water 2000 years before He created this world and He spread the earth from under the Temple. The pillars of the Temple are as long as the seventh layer of the earth.

In each of the seven heavens there is a house of God where the angels worship Him and in the seven heavens the name of God's house is Baitul Makmur. The Prophet said, "Baitul Makmur is a mosque in the sky and it is directly above the Kaaba. If it falls, it will hit the Temple."

Before Baitul Makmur was created, the angels circumambulated the Throne for a very long time. God looked at them then sent down mercy to them. God built a house under the throne called Baitul Makmur. God ordered the Angels to circumambulate the Great House and leave the Throne. The angels performed tawaf in Baitul Makmur until the number of 70,000 angels entered it day and night. They didn't come back for a long time.

Then God sent the angels down to earth and said to them, "Build a house for Me on earth like it". God commands all His creatures on earth to circumambulate around the Kaaba just as the inhabitants of the sky circumambulate around Baitul Makmur. It is narrated that God sent Gabriel to Prophet Adam and Eve to build a house for Him. Jibreel outlined (the skeleton) to both of them and Prophet Adam dug the ground while Eve carried him until the water responded and called from below asking him to stop digging with the words, "Enough, O Adam!"

After Prophet Adam died, his children built the Kaaba using earth and stone. It is narrated that the person who built it was the son of Prophet Adam, namely Prophet Syith. They always inhabited and prospered the Temple and so did the people after them until the time of Prophet Noah, the Temple collapsed and the area was flooded and could not be traced.

Then God sent Prophet Ibrahim to rebuild the Kaaba. Obeying God's order, Prophet Ibrahim and his son, Prophet Ismail rebuilt the Kaaba on a pile of stones and clay from the former Kaaba building that had been made by the Shiites that collapsed due to floods and typhoons during the time of Prophet Noah. The construction of the Kaaba by Prophet Ibrahim from stones from seven hills around the city of Mecca. The construction of the Kaaba this time has two main corners, namely the corner of Rukun Al-Hajarul Aswad and Rukun Yamani and a curved corner on the opposite side of both corners

15 greatness of the Kaaba from the perspective of gravity

The founder of MADAD Dakwah Center, Ustaz Mohammad Yaakub Yusra explained that there are 15 greatness of the Kaaba from the perspective of gravity:

1. Mecca is the area with the most stable gravity.

2. The gravity pressure is high

3. It has a direct effect on the body's immune system to act as a defense against all disease attacks.

4. Negative ion electrons accumulated there are very high.

5. What is intended in the heart is an echo that cannot be heard but whose frequency can be detected. The influence of electrons causes the internal strength to be high again, full of enthusiasm to perform worship, there is no tendency to despair and complete surrender to ALLAH SWT.

IN each of the seven heavens there is a house of GOD. Where the angels worship HIM and in the seventh heaven there is a house of GOD called Baitul Makmur.

6. Radio waves cannot detect the position of the Temple.

7. Satellite technology is not capable of observing what is inside the Temple.

8. Salt content and abundant underground streams. That's why if praying in Masjidilharam still feels cold even though the place is open without a roof.

9. Zone of zero magnetism and the most blessed place.

10. Sleeping in a position facing the Temple will automatically stimulate the central brain to the spine and produce blood cells.

11. Counter-clockwise movement around the Temple gives life energy naturally from the universe. Everything in this world moves counterclockwise, that is sunnatullah.

AMONG the characteristics of the building of the Kaaba built by Prophet Ibrahim is, it is 9 cubits high and 32 cubits long at ground level from Hajarul Aswad to the corner on the Sham side.

12. Circulation of blood or anything in the human body is counter-clockwise. Therefore, by going around the Temple in a counter-clockwise direction, it means that the blood circulation in the body increases and of course will increase energy. That is why people in Mecca are always energetic, healthy and long-lived.

13. While the number seven is symbolic of infinity. The number seven means unlimited or too much. By doing seven rounds we actually get an unlimited amount of worship.

14. Prohibition of wearing a hat, songkok or covering the head because the hair and fur of Roma (men) is like an antenna to receive good waves emitted directly from the Temple. That's why right after performing Hajj we are like being reborn as a new human being because everything bad has been pulled out and replaced with new nur or light.

15. After finishing all that then shave or tahalul. The purpose is to escape from the taboo in ihram. But the secret behind it is to clean our antenna or receptor from all impurities so that only good waves will be received by the body.

Visiting Kaabah and performing Umrah and Hajj is absolutely all Muslims goal, I do hope to come again visit Makkah as much as I can. May Allah invite to me His home again. 

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