Juara Travel Expands, Enhances Hajj and Umrah Services Across Malaysia

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Juara Travel Expands, Enhances Hajj and Umrah Services Across Malaysia. | In Malaysia, the demand for Hajj and Umrah services is consistently high, reflecting the deep-rooted religious devotion and commitment of Malaysian Muslims to performing these significant Islamic pilgrimages. 

As the Muslim population grows and travel accessibility improves, more Malaysians aspire to undertake the sacred journeys to Mecca and Medina, prompting an increase in the need for reliable, well-organized travel agencies that can provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the pilgrimage process.

Juara Travel & Tours Strategically Strengthens Position in Malaysia's Tourism Industry with Comprehensive Hajj and Umrah Services

Renowned Hajj and Umrah service provider, Juara Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd (Juara), is taking a strategic approach to further strengthen its position in the country's tourism industry.

Its Managing Director, Hajjah Rosnah Wagino, is confident that careful planning and continuous efforts will drive the growth of the company, which is now expanding and becoming well-known nationwide.

Hajjah Rosnah Wagino who originated from Felda Jengka 1 said that her company, which has been operating for over 20 years, remains committed and optimistic that all the plans implemented, in line with the slogan 'Juara Pilihan Kami,' will provide the best services to future Umrah and Hajj pilgrims.

"This Hajj season, Juara will bring 220 pilgrims and has made thorough preparations to enhance the quality of services provided to the Hajj pilgrims who choose us as their organizing agency.

"We are an agency that conducts courses with complete simulations for 2 days so that the pilgrims can at least experience the real situations they will face in Mecca," she said.


She was met during the Premier Hajj Course 1445H in Port Dickson, adding that Juara Travel & Tours is among the Hajj Pilgrims Organizing Agencies (PJH) offering the Rahmah Package at a price below RM50,000 for this Hajj season.
"Juara is also a leading Umrah package operator with excellent service. We do not reject any condition of the pilgrims. For instance, those who need dialysis but wish to go to the holy land are still accepted because we collaborated with hospitals there to manage these pilgrims.

"With packages starting from RM6990, we provide guidance services to assist the pilgrims before, during, and after performing the Umrah," she added.

Meanwhile, Juara also offers international tourism services to destinations such as Turkey, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and others.

According to Rosnah, Juara now has 28 branches across Malaysia, with its headquarters located in Taman Nirwana, Ampang.

She said Juara continuously improves to ensure the company's operations remain excellent and become the top choice for Umrah and Hajj pilgrims.

Juara Travel is undoubtedly one of the most trusted companies if you are looking for a travel agency to perform Hajj and Umrah. Many pilgrims have shared positive feedback about their experiences with Juara, highlighting the agency's dedication to providing exceptional service and comprehensive support. 

With the various packages they offer, everyone can manage their budget accordingly. I hope I have the opportunity to perform Umrah soon!

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