Mortuary Shroud Set by Dato' Kazim Elias: A Necessity for Every Household.

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Mortuary Shroud Set by Dato' Kazim Elias: A Necessity for Every Household. | Death is inevitable. Everyone who lives will inevitably face death, but how prepared are we, the living, to confront it? Every Muslim needs to equip themselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to fulfill this communal duty.
Recognizing the lack of awareness about the importance of having funeral management sets prepared in every household, KAF Digital Media has been inspired to expand its product offerings.

KAF Mortuary Shroud Set Dato' Mohammad Kazim Elias Edition

With the tagline "one household, one necessity," KAF Digital Media is committed to encouraging community initiative, especially among Muslims, to ensure every home has a funeral management set.

A production run of 1,500 Complete Mortuary Shroud Set, the Dato' Mohammad Kazim Elias edition, is now available online to purchase. This special edition features independent preacher Dato' Kazim Elias as its spokesperson.
This set is comprehensive, including 22 essential items:
  • Kain Kafan (Shroud Cloth): Essential white cloth used to wrap the body.
  • Jubah (Robe) and Telekung (Prayer Garment): Used to dress the deceased.
  • Sabun Bidara (Bidara Soap): Used for washing the body. Bidara (Ziziphus mauritiana) leaves are traditionally believed to have purifying properties.
  • Kapur Barus (Camphor): Used during the washing process to cleanse and purify the body.
  • Serbuk Cendana (Sandalwood Powder): Sometimes included for its fragrance and supposed purification properties.
  • Minyak Attar (Attar Oil): Applied to the body for fragrance.
  • Air Mawar (Rose Water): Used to sprinkle over the body as part of the cleansing process.
  • Kapas (Cotton Wool): Used to block bodily openings after washing.
  • Kain Putih (White Cloth Strips): Used to tie the shroud.
  • Tali (Rope): For securing the shroud around the body.
  • Gloves and Masks: For those handling the body to maintain hygiene.
  • Spray Bottle: For spraying rose water or other cleansing solutions.
  • Scissors and Tweezers: For any necessary grooming or preparation of the body.
  • Plastic Sheets: To lay the body on during washing.
  • Towels: For drying the body after washing.
  • Al-Quran and Yasin Booklets: For recitations during the funeral rites.
Moreover, the set comes with a Funeral Management Guide Video provided by experts who have handled hundreds of funerals, ensuring you are well-prepared. Each set is priced at RM249 and can only be purchased online at

FREE Umrah Ticket

Additionally, every funeral management set includes a Lucky Draw Card with Serial Number. Customers can complete this card for a chance to win a prize to perform Umrah and also gold! By purchasing just one set, you are eligible for one lucky draw ticket, giving you a chance to win exciting prizes worth up to RM10,640, including a FREE Umrah Ticket.
KAF Digital Media was established in 2023 by three young entrepreneurs: Khairul Manaf, Anas Abd Rahman, and Fawzan Ismail. All production is conducted in KAF Digital Media's own factory located in Desa Coalfield, Sg. Buloh. Additionally, KAF Digital Media offers OEM sales for those interested in creating their own branded funeral management sets and donating them.

In conclusion, the Mortuary Shroud Set by Dato' Kazim Elias is an essential preparation for every Muslim household, ensuring dignity and compliance with Islamic practices in death. With comprehensive items, a guiding video, and the chance to win valuable prizes, including a free Umrah ticket, this set offers both practical and spiritual support.

Be prepared and ensure peace of mind with this complete funeral management set.

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