Extra Protection for Beautiful Himayan in Pink Dew

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Extra Protection for Beautiful Himayan in Pink Dew. | Malaysian will be living in the Endemic phase on 1st April 2022 but despite the change, we still need to bear the fact that wearing a mask is still mandatory. It is important actually because the cases in Malaysia is still high compared with the other country.

Wearing a mask is one of the ways that can help to reduce the chance of getting an infection with Covid-19 and one of the brands that I am comfortable wearing all day long is Himaya.

me in Himaya H99 Pink Dew

Himaya H99 Pink Dew.

Since the beginning of it operation in 2020, Himaya has successfully made its way to all over Malaysia through online sales, agent systems, and direct purchases in pharmacies. Himaya started off with 3 ply and 4 ply masks which are available in a variety of colours and stylish designs, suitable for hijabis.

Recently, Himaya Malaysia is introducing a new colour from the Himaya H99 Premium Face Respirator range; Pink Dew. Other than Chic Vintage, the new colour also features Nabila Razali as its ambassador.

Nabila Razali the Himaya Ambassador

10 Reason You Should Buy Himaya H99.

Himaya H99 Premium Face Respirator’s innovative design is specially crafted with an exclusive feature that includes:

Himaya H99 with an anti-sweat metal strip with a sponge

1. Metal Strip With Anti-Sweat Soft Sponge

The latest release of H99 uses a metal strip with a soft sponge to make the face mask neatly located and not easily foggy so that you are always comfortable throughout the day.

2. ≥ 99% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)

The BFE measures the filtration efficiency of face masks using (live) -like particles (bacteria) that vary from 5 microns to 1 micron.

3. ≥ 99% PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency)

PFE measures the filtration efficiency of face masks using (non-living) particles with fixed measurements from 1 micron to 0.1 microns.

4. 2X Melt-Blown Factory

Double the protection from melt-blown fabric for effective particle filtering to keep you safe all day.

5. 4 Layer Protection

Made from premium non-woven fabric and melt-blown to provide extra protection to the wearer.

6. Comfortable Head Coils For Hijab

The soft headband design provides comfort to the hijab wearer throughout the day.

7. Suitable for Sensitive Skin

In the innermost layer of this face mask, there is a premium non-woven fabric that makes this face mask very soft on the skin and helps reduce irritation on the skin.

8. Asia Halal Brand Awards

Awarded with the Asia Halal Brand Awards, making this face mask safe to use.

9. Certified by Yayasan Hijau Malaysia

Himaya supports and collaborates with Yayasan Hijau Malaysia. Every purchase of Himaya face mask will be donated to Malaysia's green program.

10. Celebrity Choices

This face mask is the best choice of many beloved celebrities.

himaya pink dew,
Lovely pink dew

The sweet pink tone is suitable to be matched comfortably with almost any outfit worn by the beautiful Himayan. Himaya’s H99 Premium Face Respirator headloop design ensures easiness to hijab wearers, as well as those who wear any equipment on the ear such as hearing aid, and earphones. Great for daily use, the new range also brings comfort to those who wear glasses as it helps in avoiding foggy glasses, other than the discomfort of sweaty face under the mask.

Himaya H99 Premium Face Respirator will also be launching new colours and patterns in 2022, with a different ambassador. I can't wait to know who is the next ambassador!

For any information about the product or to purchase, visit Himaya at www.himaya.international or Himayamy on Shopee.

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  1. Waaa nampak selesa sangat tu,. nak beli gak laaa.. Himaya facemask dia memang selesa pakai..

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