Louisa Scarf ; The Comfort Luxe Square Scarf.

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Louisa Scarf; The Comfort Luxe Square Scarf. | Woman with Hijab will never have enough with one scarf, and of course, we have to have the same color with different materials. And top of that, different brands with different patterns will be women most favorite to collect too. hehe

With many brands rising in the market, and because of my love for collecting hijab and trying out with many brands, I recently bought a new scarf from Louisa Hijab. Browsing their website makes me want more than one scarf but then I should be patient and try out one first. So, I bought the Sarah Black Snowy collection.

louisa scarf,

8 Reasons Why you Should Buy Louisa Scarf.

Okay, first thing first, I bought the Louisa Scarf from their website www.louisascarf.com and the website is friendly user, all the transaction are done easily. Then, as usual, I received the email, and even when the parcel is ready to ship out they also emailed you about it. Thus, I love the process that is very convenient to customers.

When I received the scarf, it is wrapped accordingly and the box was received in good hands. For your information, they currently have a 30% discount on all scarfs and on top of that, you can enjoy the promotion of BUY 3 FREE 3 today! That day, I bought 1 scarf and am still entitled to 1 Free gift too. I got free scrunchies and love the color!

Hence, I guess there is more than that I love this new brand Louisa Scarf and here are the 8 reasons why you should try Louisa Scarf :

louisa scarf materials,

1. Comfortable

Louisa Scarf is made from the Exclusive Matte Satin Silk materials and this Comfort Luxe Scarf is suitable for daily wear in comfort and luxe feels.

2. Easy to shape, awning on point

For someone who loves a square scarf, one of the details they will look forward to the scarf is it should be easy to shape. Because it is not, it will ruin their mood the whole day. But, the Louisa Scarf is definitely easy to shape, and the awning looks just on point all day long.

3. Wide Sizing

The wide sizing for the square hijab is one of the details that I love about this Square Scarf. The wide sizing(45x45) will ensure you wear it Shariah Compliance and will help you to style in many ways.

4. Ironless and Hard to Wrinkle

louisa scarf,

For a woman who is busy, the ironless scarf is one of the crucial parts when choosing the scarf. Louisa Scarf is ironless, where you have to iron it once after you received it and if you it well, I guess you don't have to repeat to iron it again and again. 

Wearing it one day in the car, it still stays flowy too!

5. Water-resistant

You shouldn't be wrong with the water-resistant materials for bags or etc., but Louisa Scarf uses good matte satin silk materials that will not easily wet. Or maybe we can say it is not easy will look messy when spilled by water or rain, and it is easy to dry.

6. Daily wear

I love wearing a square scarf in my daily routine and this Louisa Scarf will be one of my favorite too, it is easy to shape, looks on point all day, and not easy to wrinkle. Wear it daily, it is comfortable all day long.

7. Exclusive

louisa scarf,
I got free Scrunchies!

Louisa Scarf also has its own exclusive design and patterns that didn't have in other brands, so people will know you are wearing Louisa and of course, this scarf came with a good exclusive box that will be great for a gift too!

8. Affordable

Louisa Scarf promotion,

The price for me is affordable when you can have all the great benefits from this one scarf. And even now it is more affordable because it has a 30% discount now! So better grab it now!

For the Care instruction:

  • Preferably Hand wash
  • Suitable for dry cleaning
  • Do not bleach
  • Hang to dry

I guess, now you know why I like this Louisa Scarf right? And don't be surprised if you see me wearing this almost every day or every event. 

Last but not least, do grab the promotion BUY 3 FREE 3 today okay!

For more information about this go to :

Instagram : @louisascarf

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  1. Memang suka sgt dgn Louisa Scarf ni. Senang nak pakai

  2. Awning on point! Tu yang ramai suka ni. Yeaayyy

  3. Cantikk betullah design dia.. Sis suka.. color dia pun lembut jerr, nengok ko pakai macam kainnya senang nak bentuk ekk..

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