Origin Mattress Review: The Super-Comfort Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow

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Origin Mattress Review: The Super-Comfort Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow. | Pillow is one of the important things to ensure we have a good sleep every day. Having a comfortable pillow is important to ensure we wake up in a good mood and relief.

After a few months, some pillows become too soft and not fluffy like we bought before, and I also face it too. I decided to find a comfortable pillow that can sustain longer than what I had before. I came across a review of Origin Mattress and they have a good pillow too. To ensure I have a good sleep, I decided to try the pillow.

Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow

origin mattress review,

So I order the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow on 28th February 2022. And the website is a friendly user and checkout process when well. I received an email regarding my order and it stated that I will receive my pillow between 4-10 March as we actually can choose the approximate date we wanted it to be delivered.

Then, on 2nd March 2022, I've received an SMS that told me, the delivery will be done that day and the SMS also came along with GDex SMS. I'm quite happy with the fast delivery they have and definitely can't wait to sleep with my new pillow.

Benefits of Natural Latex.

Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow review,

Sink into the ultimate plush pillow that cradles your head. Reading this already makes me feel I need this plush pillow right now because you know I still didn't manage to wean off my son, and I still have a sleeping issue. I also need to double up my pillow to have a comfortable position while breastfeeding my son.

But good things happen when I received my Origin Superior Coolmax Latex pillow, I found that I don't have to double up my pillow anymore. The Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow have a very great responsive Latex foam support.

For your information, Latex foam has a denser material as compared to memory foam or fibre. A Latex pillow moulds to the shape of your head which gives you the right level of sleep support. Latex materials are extremely durable with hypoallergenic properties that have lesser dust, bacteria or mould issues. It is highly recommended for people with allergies to provide a good relaxing sleep.

Being impression-resistant, it can also hold its shape for many years while still feeling soft. That is another good thing about a latex pillow, and it is worth paying the price then you can enjoy using the pillow for several years without worrying it will be losing its shape. 

Tencel™ Fabric Removable Pillow Cover.

Tencel™ Fabric Removable Pillow Cover,

Unlike many pillows, Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow has a removable pillow cover. Luxuriously threaded with Tencel™ fabric, this cover can be machine washed which helps to extend the pillow’s life in the long run and also can help you to stay hygiene especially during this pandemic covid-19.

Tencel™ fabric is known for its natural comfort, environmentally responsible production process and being softer as compared to cotton. It is hypoallergenic, lightweight, and extremely ideal for hot weather climates. With this pillow, you can have a comfortable sleep without feeling hot anymore. 

I love the fact that you won't need extra cover because the Tencel™ fabric is so comfortable to sleep with and can be open to being washed anytime you want.

Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow Features.

origin mattress pillow review,

These is some of the features of this Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow that you should when you decide to buy this pillow and that includes :
  • Pillow Dimensions – 65cm x 40cm x 13cm
  • Material: Natural Latex + Coolmax Cooling Gel
  • Removable Tencel™ Fabric Pillow Cover
  • 7-Day Free Return
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Designed in Germany 
I guess that is more than enough reason for you to buy this comfortable Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow, and even the 2 years warranty already makes me feel secure to buy it. 

And next, maybe I should have the Origin Mattress too, the combination of this two will probably make me don't wanna leave my bed every morning. Hihi.

If you are not convinced enough, I recommend also checking out Origin's award-winning mattress, you can read more reviews about the mattress at: 

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Till then, stay safe everyone and do get your comfort pillow to sleep with okay!


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  1. Nampak selesa dan boleh nyenyak tidur ni. Ada cover tu, bagus. Memang nampak cool je

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