Malaysia Endemic Phases Guidelines and Preparation.

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Malaysia Endemic Phases Guidelines and Preparation. | Malaysian Government recently announce that Malaysia will be going to the Endemic Phases in the 1st April 2022. The April Fool and also that date will be my 11 years anniversary. Haha

The Prime Minister announced that Malaysia will enter the transition phase to the C0VID-19 endemic, starting April 1. Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the decision was made after taking into account various factors including conducting a risk assessment and obtaining the views of the Ministry of Health (MOH) as well as examining the recommendations of the Quartet Minister.

malaysia endemic guideline,

The transition phase to the endemic is an exit strategy step to allow the country to return to near-normal life before the outbreak of the C0VID-19 epidemic. This phase is a temporary phase before the country moves into the endemic phase for which it is subject to announcements that can only be made by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Malaysia Endemic Guidelines

Malaysia Endemic Phases Guidelines and Preparation,

Starting April 1, the wearing of face masks in public places is still mandatory for every individual.

The operating time limit for business premises has also been abolished. Premises can implement their respective operating hours according to the conditions of the operating license of the premises and this means that people can eat at eateries or restaurants after 12 midnight.

Admission registration using MySejahtera is still mandatory but is exempted for open areas that are not crowded and there are no public gatherings. MySJ Trace is required for a closed place full of visitors.

The government suggested that congregational prayer activities in mosques or suraus and non-Muslim houses of worship could be carried out without social imprisonment. However, it is subject to the decision of the State Religious Council.

Employee capacity limits that previously relied on vaccination coverage were also abolished

All individuals are allowed cross-state regardless of their vaccination status.

Previously, there was a 50 percent capacity limit for activities involving large groups. With the announcement of the transition to endemic, the limit will be abolished altogether. There is no longer a 50 percent, capacity limit but physical incarceration is very important and still encouraged

From that, we can see that almost everything will get back to normal again and I hope our economy can rise up again. This year Ramadan and Eid Ul Fitri will be happening again, as we can gather again with our family ember from Malaysia or even from the oversea with no limitation like 2 years ago. 

Malaysia Endemic Phases Preparation

how to stop covid-19,

However, we shouldn't be so happy because the case is still high and many of my friends even my husband's cousin who lives with us also positive Covid-19 currently. Many people are positive and have to be HSO, so I want to share some things to do when you know yourself positive Covid-19. 

Firstly do please update your positive result on MySejahtera immediately after you were detected positive Covid-19. And it is good if you can let all your close contact know about it as soon as possible.

Secondly, hopefully everyone already has all these things ready in their houses as ,we approach the endemic phases soon. We have to take care of ourself more than before because the virus will be everywhere. Hence, do have this important in our house and that includes : 

1. Thermometer

Who have symptoms of fever, I recommend buying a thermometer to monitor body temperature. This is important if you have kids at your home so you can monitor them carefully.

2. Oximeter

Oximeters are used to detect oxygen levels in our blood and heart rate. Normal oxygen levels are from 95-100, below 90 please report to MOH.

For heart rate, the normal is around 50-100 bpm.

3. Vitamin C

It doesn't matter what the brand is, but Vitamin C is important to boost the body's immunity. I love taking effervescent vitamin C and do eat orange too.

4. Panadol/Uphamol

panadol variation,

Even a slight fever you should eat Panadol and it can help to soothe your pain and do sleep after taking it to avoid headache.

5. Cough Medicine


Find a cough medicine at a pharmacy that specializes in the type of cough we have, whether it is tuberculosis or phlegm.

6. Cold Medications

The cold medicine that people recommend is Clarinase. But please consult a doctor first as this is a controlled drug.

7. Clove + Honey + Lemon

clove honey lemon drink,

Many people recommend this drink mixture to give relief to our throat. I do take this during I had covid-19 last year. It is good to relieve the throat but don't take it too much and be moderate to avoid stomachache. 

8. Betadine Sore Throat Spray or Gargle Mouthwash

betadine sore throat spray,

The purpose is to soothe a sore throat and clean the inside of the mouth of germs.

9. Black Seed Oil

maxwell blackseed oil,

Various good nutrients such as get less inflammation and increase the body's immunity. There are many types of pill forms and honey blends.

10. Antigen Rapid Test

salixium test kit,

There are plenty on the market. But this is one that has the correct readings and is recommended by the government but it sold faster in the market. 

11. Drink boiled water

Although it does not taste very good, make sure to drink enough boiled water. Lack of water in the body can make the body lethargic and the lips turn bluish.

Apart from that, don't forget to take vitamin C and Habbatus Sauda daily to increase your immunity. The Endemic phases will be more challenging and others from another part of the world also will enter Malaysia as the border will be open too next month. Hence, love yourself and keep your immunity good and don't forget to prepare all this at home always.

Till then, stay safe everyone.

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