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Customize Almost Anything in One Click at Hellosticker. | The Endemic phase will be happening in less than 10 days and next month it was hopefully will be better for everyone especially everyone who start-up/rebuilds their business.

Marketing and advertising are important for new business and one of the offline marketing that is still legit today is using brochures and banners. Apart from it, in my experience doing a small business, stickers are one of the essentials items to ensure our products can be market to easily. Hence, I found a website that can help you to customize your sticker easily, Hellosticker.

window sticker by hellosticker,

Hellosticker - the Biggest Online Printing Company in Southeast Asia.

As the biggest Online Printing company in Southeast Asia, Hellosticker is proud to offer top-quality, digital and offset printing products, the best customer support, and affordable prices. 

At Hellostickers customers can easily configure and print their stickers, and also many other products, then purchase them online and get fast and free delivery all over the country. As of now, Hellosticker is active in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, with more countries to come.

Why Should Market Products with Stickers?

window sticker by hellosticker,

When you buy something, you must be curious where the product come from, the name of it, or even the ingredients in it. And when I'm doing my business before this, stickers is one of the important things on my list I should have before I start to sell anything. 

Stickers have many benefits for marketing purposes such as : 
  • Stickers Help Brands Stand Out
  • People Like Stickers
  • Stickers Are Like a Personal Recommendation
  • Stickers Make Life Easier for Your Advocates
  • Stickers Have Evolved
  • Stickers Allow for a Lot of Creativity
  • Stickers Are Cost-Effective
  • Stickers Increase the Effectiveness of Other Marketing Campaigns

It can be concluded that Sticker printing is a cost-effective method to build and create brand awareness. It is a creative method to get your message across to your target audience. It is budget-friendly, long-lasting, and attractive, therefore, is useful to be used on the packaging of your product or as a promotional tool.

Customize Your Sticker at Hellosticker

Customizing a sticker with your own brands and preference will definitely make your brand stand out amongst others. There's a wide range of materials to choose from at Hellostickers when you wanted to customize your sticker here. 

These stickers are customizable according to how you would like it to be and Hellosticker offered customers with a wide variant of stickers you can choose from these 3 main variant includes :

1. Stickers on a Sheet

sticker on sheet at hellosticker,
cute sticker on sheet
  • Custom Shape Sticker
  • Round Sticker
  • Oval Sticker
  • Rectangular Sticker
  • Square Sticker
  • Clear Sticker
  • Paper Sticker
  • Kraft Sticker
  • Silver Sticker
  • Holographic Sticker
  • Warranty Sticker

2. Roll Stickers

shopee Roll Stickers,
made your own roll stickers today
  • Die Cut Sticker Roll
  • Round Sticker Roll
  • Oval Sticker Roll
  • Rectangular Sticker Roll
  • Square Sticker Roll
  • Clear Sticker Roll
  • Paper Sticker Roll
  • Silver Sticker Roll
  • Security Sticker Roll
  • Professional Sticker Roll

3. Individual Stickers

dinosaur customized sticker at hellosticker,
Dinosaur stickers
  • Custom Die Cut Sticker
  • Round Die Cut Sticker
  • Oval Die Cut Sticker
  • Rectangle Die Cut Sticker
  • Square Die Cut Sticker
  • Clear Die Cut Sticker
  • Paper Die Cut Sticker
  • Car Window Sticker
  • Lettering Sticker
  • Reflective Lettering Sticker

I guess they have so many products you can choose from. Apart from it, you can easily pick the product you wanted and select the format, and material according to your printing needs. Everything will be done in less than 5 minutes at Hellostickers.

Why Choose Hellostickers?

printing services available at Gogoprint
Other printing services available at Hellostickers

1. Affordable

Gogoprint printing technology offers prices up to 30% lower than traditional printers.

2. Free Delivery

There are no hidden costs, delivery charges are on us. 

3. Speed and Reliability

Products can be delivered as fast as 2 working days, with over 98% in time delivery.

4. Best Service

Get assistance from a dedicated Key Account Manager for complex printing projects.

5. Pay on Credit

To enjoy full flexibility in terms of payment, Hellosticker offers credit payment terms to their cooperate client.

During these pandemic-endemic years, it is great if we can do everything remote/online right? It is much safer and for me, it is also very convenient because everything will be one click away. With Hellosticker services, everything can be done efficiently without the excuse of the shop being closed, hours of waiting at the shop or you even don't have to be worried about transportation and fuel anymore.

Thus, don't forget to check out Hellosticker to custom made your products and or even to make everything is yours so personalized. Make your brand known by the public by sticking it on everything you like. 

For more information go to :

Address: HelloSticker (by MY Gogoprint Sdn. Bhd.)
                Suite 2.03, Level 2, Wisma E & C,
                No.2 Lorong Dungun Kiri,
                Damansara Heights,
                50490 Kuala Lumpur

Phone:    +60378901347


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