Me and My Family First Experience to Wet World Shah Alam.

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Me and My Family First Experience to Wet World Shah Alam. |  I have lived in Selangor for more than 15 years but I have never explored Selangor that much. And just recently we decided to go to Wet World Shah Alam situated at Seksyen 2, Shah Alam, Selangor. During my study at UiTM Shah Alam, I pass by this area almost every day during my Degree at UiTM because it is just near to my faculty and me my friends also have a class at the INTEKMA that is near to Wet World Shah Alam. But I don’t why we never went to this waterpark.

However, last 2 months I thought I should bring my kids here to enjoy the waterpark. Thus we bought the waterpark ticket at Wonderfly that night and before that, we had to measure our kid's, height first. It said on the web if your kids are more than 120cm you have to buy the adult ticket, and if you buy kids ticket, you have to buy at full-price ticket at the counter if your kids are more than 120cm. To avoid wastage, do measure your kid's height properly ya parents.

wet world shah alam review,
my excited kids

wet world shah alam,
wear your tag before enter the waterpark

Checkpoint in Wet World Shah Alam

wet world shah alam maps,
Wet World Shah Alam maps

When you enter Wet World Shah Alam, the first thing you will see is their cafe on the right, the toddler slide area in front of you, and on your left will be the counter to rent the tube, cabana and locker also toilet and surau.

Surau in Wet World Shah Alam,
Surau in Wet World Shah Alam.

Tube and cabana price at wet world shah alam,
Rental kiosk

So, if you have a budget do rent a Cabana, it is great place to rest while waiting your kids play. And tube is a must have item when you want to play all the slide in Wet World Shah Alam, you have to carry it all around the park but then it is okay seems this waterpark are not that big like Sunway Lagoon.

There are many exciting slides you can enjoy with your kids and many of them are kid-friendly. Zahra and Fateh can play all slides but Malique still cannot since he is still young and below 130cm.

The slides and checkpoints available in Wet World Shah Alam are :
  1. Super Hurricane
  2. Monsoon Buster
  3. Thunder River
  4. Kiddy Typoon Lagoon 
  5. Caribbean Rider
  6. Whirlwind Escape
  7. Bermuda Triangle
  8. Island of Treasures
  9. Pirate Cove
  10. Pirate Challenge

Kiddy lagoon wet world shah alam,
Kids area

wet world shah alam,
Wide area to swim and big slide to play here

But anyway, I love the experience at Wet World Shah Alam. For me it is good place you can enjoy with your kids, and you can be finished playing all slides in half day. You can repeat the game several time in a day and the queue is not that long. 

Cabana in wet world shah alam,
Cabana in Wet World Shah Alam

The place also nice and warm. It’s not so hot unless you are playing all day at the open pool, but still there is a place you relax and chill without a direct sunlight to your face. And again, do rent a Cabana to maximise your pleasure experience here. There are many types of Cabana they are offering here upon your budget.

My kids really enjoy playing here and in fact I did not need to observe my kids (Zahra and Fateh) all the time since the place is quite small and the slides are not really danger. 

But of cos, not all kids are same right? I don’t how much energy they have that day, we enter at 11 and went out at 6pm. And we got a summon from the MBSA for not park our car at the right parking lot. This one should be improve right? There is no other parking space there and we actually still parking at the Waterpark area. Nonsense!

Likewise, let’s visit Wet World Shah Alam again soon ya hubby!

Tickets Price

Adult  (130cm and above) RM37
Child  (90cm - 130cm) RM32
Child  (below 90cm) Free

* Closed on Wednesdays (excluding Public and School Holidays)

For more info can check out their website or do check other ATTRACTIONS IN SELANGOR your kids will love to go!

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  1. Wow! I have never been to wet world shah alam. seems fun with the family

  2. Pernah pergi sekali jerr dulu, masa tu anak-anak sekolah menengah lagi.. now tengok macam dah banyak berubah tu yaa.. seronok bawa anak sedara ni ekk.. nak plan laaa

  3. Makanan dlm tu harga mahal x? Boleh ke bawak bekal ?

  4. Sound gud. Actually planning to go next wk.tq for sharing

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