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THE ADVANTAGES OF PROPHET YUNUS a.s. PRAYER. | All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Blessings and greetings to the noble Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. family as well as friends and followers who follow him until the end of the day.

In the Quran there is the story of Prophet Yunus a.s. which can be used as a lesson and if the prayer of Prophet Yunus, peace be upon him, is practiced, God will free his servant from hardships or calamities that befall him, or in today's language, moments of emergency (emergency), but the individual must be a believer, let's all follow the story of Prophet Yunus a.s may we have the pleasure of Allah swt until the day of retribution.

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"Then if he is not among those who remember Allah a lot. Surely it will remain in the belly of the fish until the Day of Resurrection." (Ash-Shaffat: 143-144)

Prophet Yunus a.s

The real name of Prophet Yunus a.s is Yunus bin Mata or Zun Nun. He is a noble Prophet sent by Allah SWT to his people. He advised them and guided them to the path of truth and goodness; he reminded them of the horrors of the Day of Judgment and threatened them with hell and promised them paradise; His Majesty commanded them with kindness and invited them to worship only Allah SWT.

Prophet Yunus a.s. always advises his people but there is no one who believes among them. It came one day to Prophet Yunus where he felt the decision of his people. His heart was filled with anger towards his people because they did not believe. Then he went out in a rage and decided to leave them. Allah SWT tells about it in His words:

" And (remember the story of) Zun Nun (Yunus), when he left in a state of anger, then he thought that We would not narrow it (make it difficult) so he called out in a very dark state: ' There is no god but You, Glory be to You. Indeed, I am among the unjust." (Surah al-Anbiya' verse 87)

No one knows the inner feelings of Prophet Yunus a.s. other than Allah SWT. Prophet Yunus a.s. quite angry with his people because of their refusal to believe in Allah SWT. In such a situation, he left his people.

Prophet Yunus a.s Swallowed by the Whale.

His Majesty went to the seaside and boarded a ship that could transport him to another place. Allah SWT has not issued His decision to tell His Majesty to leave his people. Nabi Yunus a.s. thought that Allah SWT could not punish him because he left his people. At that time Prophet Yunus a.s. seem to forget that a prophet is ordered only to preach in the way of Allah SWT. Taufik and guidance are the right of Allah SWT to be given to whomever He wills. So, his duty is only to preach in the way of Allah SWT and completely leave the problem of success or not to Allah SWT alone.

Summary of the story after the vote was made three times Prophet Yunus a.s. including ship passengers who will be thrown into the sea due to reducing the ship's load when the sea is rough to avoid shipwreck.

Prophet Yunus a.s. was very surprised when he found himself in the belly of a fish. The fish took him to the bottom of the ocean and the ocean took him to the darkness of the night somewhere.

The three darknesses experienced by Prophet Yunus a.s. namely:

1. the darkness in the belly of the fish, 
2. the darkness at the bottom of the ocean, and 
3. the darkness of the night.

Prophet Yunus a.s. felt that he was dead. He tried to move his five senses and his body parts were still moving. If so, he is still alive. He was imprisoned in three darknesses.

Prophet Yunus a.s. started crying and glorifying Allah SWT. He began his journey towards God when he was imprisoned in the three darknesses. His heart began to move to glorify God, and his tongue began to follow him. 

He said:
Lailahailaanta subhanainni kuntum minazzalimin, doa nabi yunus,
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When he was imprisoned in the belly of a fish, he continued to glorify Allah SWT. The fish itself swims far enough. Then the fish fell asleep at the bottom of the ocean. Meanwhile, Prophet Yunus a.s is still glorifying Allah SWT. He did not stop glorifying and crying. He did not eat, did not drink, and did not move. He fasted and broke his fast with the rosary.
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The other fish and plants and all the creatures that live at the bottom of the ocean listen to the rosary of Prophet Yunus. The rosary comes from the stomach of this whale. Then all the creatures gathered around the whale and they joined in glorifying Allah SWT. Each of them glorified in their own way and language.
The whale that ate Prophet Yunus woke up and heard the voices of the rosary so loud and thunderous. He witnessed at the bottom of the ocean a great celebration attended by oloh the fishes and other animals, even the rocks and the sand all glorified Allah SWT and he did not miss joining them in glorifying Allah SWT. And he began to realize that he was swallowing a Prophet.

Allah SWT saw the sincerity of Prophet Yunus's repentance. Allah SWT heard his tasbih in the belly of the fish. Then Allah SWT commanded the fish to release Yunus a.s. to the surface of the sea and throw it on an island determined by Allah SWT.
The fish obeyed God's command. The body of Prophet Yunus a.s. feel the heat in the belly of the fish. He was seriously ill, then the sun shone and touched his hot body. Then Allah SWT grew a Yaqthin tree (type of pumpkin), which is a tree with wide leaves that can protect from the sun. And Allah SWT healed him and forgave him. Allah SWT told him that if it wasn't for the tasbih he said, he would have stayed in the belly of the fish until the Day of Judgment.

Allah SWT said the meaning: "Indeed Yunus is truly one of the messengers. (Remember) when he ran to a ship full of cargo, then he followed the lot and he was among the losers in the lot. So he was swallowed by a big fish in a disgraceful state. So if he is not among those who remember Allah a lot, he will surely stay in the belly of the fish until the day of resurrection. Then We threw him into a barren region, while he was in a state of illness. And we grew for him a tree of the type of pumpkin. And We sent him to a hundred thousand people or more. Then they believed, because of that We granted them the enjoyment of life until a certain time." (Surah as-Saffat verses 139-148)
His words mean: "And (remember the story of) Zun Nun (Yunus), when he left in a state of anger, then he thought that We would not narrow it down (make it difficult) so he called out in a very dark situation: 'There is no god other than You, Glory be to You. Indeed, I am among the unjust people. So We answered (his prayer) and We saved the believers." (Surah al-Anbiya' verses 87-88) 

Advantage or Fadhilat prayer/rosary of Prophet Yunus a.s.

1-Get out of trouble

It is well known that this prayer is a prayer read by the prophet Yunus when he was in shark belly This prayer is read to ask for help from Allah SWT so that remove from the problem faced. After that, if we experience difficulties or facing any difficulties, read this do so that we can find a solution to difficulties we face.

2- Given Peace of MindIn addition, for those who practice this prayer, a will be given peace of mind especially when in a critical situation. It will make someone it doesn't bounce easily when it's in a critical situation but it will become calmer and find the best solution for the problem face.
3- Asking for Help and Relying on God AloneNot only that, by reading this do also proves that we only pray Not only that, by reading this prayer also proves that we only pray help from God and only relying on God alone. It's not directly prove that we do not ask for help from other things or creatures because only God has power over the whole universe.4- Prayers are answered by GodProphet Jonah's prayer is one of the best prayers. In fact, it is one of those be granted by Allah if we ask for any request while reading this prayer.
The words of the Prophet SAW mean: "Whoever has any desire, should perform ablution, then prostrate to God, while reciting the rosary of Prophet Yunus 40 times with his index finger facing the direction of the Qibla when he prostrates. Indeed, whoever does so will have his prayers and requests granted."

The words of the Prophet SAW mean : "Indeed, I know a word that when read by those who are afflicted with calamities or hardships, Allah will release the reader from hardship. The sentence is the rosary of my brother Prophet Yunus a.s. So practice this prayer of Prophet Yunus in our daily life.
"La ilaha illa anta subhaanaka inni kuntu minazzholimiin." (There is no god but You, Glory be to You. Indeed I am among the unjust.) This is also one of my prayer when I have contraction during labor, I'll keep on recite this until I give birth. It really calms me.However, prayer should go hand in hand with effort , InshaAllah - God willing, our business and matters should be ease by Him. Wallahualam.

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