Maternity Preparation Tips for Your First Time Born.

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Maternity Preparation Tips for Your First Time Born. | Certainly as a mother-to-be, you will receive a variety of advice from family members and friends on tips and tricks for having children later.

During my first pregnancy, I got much advice from my mother, mother-in-law, granny-in-law, and even my auntie and sister. It will be a very nervous process because it will be our first time born right?

Maternity Preparation Tips

But then, here are some maternity preparation tips so you are not nervous about first time born :

Contractions & childbirth

Every childbirth process is different and it is becoming difficult to determine when is the right time for you to go to the hospital.

Undoubtedly, most women will head to the hospital for fear they will give birth when it is just a Braxton Hicks contraction. It usually happens to those who are pregnant for the first time. Still, there is nothing wrong with doing so if it can take away your anxiety. However, one of the most important first childbirth preparations is to stay calm at home when the first phase of childbirth takes place.

When contractions occur every 5 minutes and last for 30 seconds or more, or you start to feel uncomfortable, that is a hint for you to start the journey to the hospital. You can also contact a doctor if you are unsure or have any concerns.

4 stages of labor,
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These are some of the stages of childbirth that expectant mothers will go through:

The first phase - At this stage, the cervix begins to dilate and you will experience light and irregular contractions. It occurs before the amniotic fluid ruptures.

The second phaseThe cervix will widen from 6-10 cm with the intensity of contractions increasing and the time interval getting shorter. Avoid straining at this stage, unless under the doctor’s instructions.

Phase three - It’s time for you to strain! The cervix has fully dilated and you can actively push to give birth to the baby.

Cervical dilation phase - The placenta is removed. It is the final phase in which the placenta will be removed. This stage is more relaxed and the contractions are less painful.

Tips for managing contraction pain during the transition of the labor phase are:

  • Walk, change lying or sitting position, breathe slowly during contractions
  • Visualization or aromatherapy
  • Relaxation techniques, sequences, or pressure points on the hands
  • Painkillers (epidural analgesia) can be used as an option
  • Preparations for giving birth to the first child 
  • Not intended to be intimidating, but the process of childbirth can cause pain and every mother will go through it differently.

Yet instead of thinking about the pain, you can focus on how to deal with it. Some expectant mothers choose to use painkillers or epidurals.

In addition, there are also women who choose to go through the birth process without the use of any painkillers. It all depends on you! 

The birth of a baby

after giving birth expectation,
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In preparation for giving birth to your first child, you should understand that the emotional changes that will occur after a baby is safely born are normal: joy, relief, frustration, anxiety, or even satisfaction.

You may be surprised to see the baby's condition, especially if the long labor process makes his head oval and flat-faced.  There may be a sense of frustration when the little one is not what you imagined as having jaundice due to jaundice, or even a little or a lot of hair condition. Don’t worry, the condition won’t last long, and eventually, your baby will look exactly what you imagined during the 9 months of pregnancy.

Within 1 hour after birth, the baby will be on alert and awake - this is a good time to start breastfeeding. In the early period of breastfeeding, the baby will receive colostrum milk-which gives the baby immunity and energy.

If breastfeeding is difficult, seek the help of a nurse or breastfeeding consultant. Many hospitals nowadays encourage you to breastfeed your baby and willing to help during the process.

The process of giving birth is the most difficult thing the body has to go through which causes you to be physically tired, very hungry, and a bit ‘mummy’. Ensure your husband or guardian provides you a warm drink after giving birth. It will help a lot to soothe you.

Your belly will look like it is still pregnant for a period of 5-6 months and it is normal for the uterus to ‘shrink’ back. Expectant mothers need to understand that they don’t have to rush to get back slim or it will cause fatigue and affect their milk supply. 

If you experience a vaginal tear during childbirth, you may want to put cold compressions on the sutures as well as take medication to reduce pain and swelling.

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For those who are going through the process of cesarean section, you need to move frequently and change positions.

Lochia or Puerperal Bleeding.

Lochia or Puerperal Bleeding,
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In preparation for the first childbirth, you should know that there will be lochia or puerperal bleedingBleeding will usually subside after a few weeks. It is advised that you do not use tampons, instead wear a sanitary napkin. I used overnight pads, instead the maternity pads. And disposable panties, it help a lot while I'm in the hospital.

Even so, if there is more bleeding, do a doctor's examination immediately. This is because it can be sign of infection. Get enough rest because you will need to get up every 2-3 hours, day and night to breastfeed the little one.

In any case, in the end, every mother-to-be needs to stay calm and enjoy every moment of the baby's birth later. Every birth is different and keep reading Doa Nabi Yunus during your contraction to help you calm down. 

Happy pregnancy and welcome to motherhood soon mom!

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