Resipi Berani MAGGI Season 2 is Back with More Thrills.

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Resipi Berani MAGGI® Season 2 is Back with More Thrills. | Woohoo! Have you watched the anticipating show of Resipi Berani MAGGI Season 2 that airing today? It is fun to watch the second season of this program when the winner last year have great business after winning this program.

I was invited to Exclusive Watch Party last Wednesday and was one the first to watched the show before it aired on TV. To be honest, I didn't watch last season series,but when I  watch the first episode of this season Resipi Berani MAGGI the vibe is almost like watching Masterchef. I love it! 


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Resipi Berani MAGGI® Season 2 

This year, MAGGI® is returning with its six-episode reality show, Resipi Berani MAGGI® Season 2. From a pool of 2,000 women, 12 mentees made the cut to take on a series of culinary and entrepreneurial challenges for the grand champion title. 

Set to surprise and excite, the Resipi Berani MAGGI® Season 2 will showcase the endeavors of the mentees through various criteria and challenges, and be tested in the areas of Personal Growth, Business Acumen, and Cooking Skills

Some notable challenges which the mentees will experience include the preparation of their signature dish and the re-invention of an authentic Malaysian dish with unique ingredients! Beyond culinary challenges, mentees were also tasked to observe elements such as food sustainability, business viability as well as leveraging on content creation for social media platforms.

Resipi Berani MAGGI Season 2 Mentors,
Resipi Berani MAGGI Season 2 Mentors

The reality show returns with its three prominent MAGGI® Mentors - Food Enthusiast and Brand Ambassador of MAGGI® CukupRasa, Datin Paduka Eina Azman; Director, Producer, Actress and Owner of The Dim Sum Place, Sheila Rusly; and Entrepreneur Icon and Owner of My Mum’s Bakery, Anne Idris - who will nurture the 12 mentees throughout the reality series in various Feedback Mentorship Sessions

Nana Mahazan
Nana Mahazan, host of the show

This show is hosted by Nana Mahazan, the same host from the first season who is so energetic and of course beautiful inside out. And for Season 2, the series will feature four celebrity guest judges - Stacy Anam, Betty Rahmad, Aisya J, and Chef Sherson Lian. 

Geetha Balakrishna, Business Executive Officer of MAGGI®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad
Geetha Balakrishna, Business Executive Officer of MAGGI®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad

Speaking about Resipi Berani MAGGI® Season 2, Geetha Balakrishna, Business Executive Officer of MAGGI®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad said,

“We are excited to showcase the second season of the reality show to help further upskill and empower more women in terms of enhancing their business acumen, whilst providing them with a platform to both shine and achieve their dreams. Watch how the mentees step outside their comfort zones, undergo hurdles, build their self-confidence, and grow guided by MAGGI’s experienced Mentors and our new line-up of celebrity guest judges!”

 “The MAGGI reality show aims to showcase and celebrate the mentees’ transformational journey in growing a food business to inspire women to take the leap of faith and embark on something new, ushering in positive change and improvement into their lives. We have witnessed discernible transformation in the mentees who won in the first season, and how they have truly inspired and impacted the lives of many others too,” said Geetha on their journey.


Aside from receiving a seed capital of RM8,000, the grand winner of the Resipi Berani MAGGI® Season 2 will undergo an intensive 8-week mentorship program with entrepreneur icon, Anne Idris, focusing on upscaling a food business, managing cost efficiencies, and branding strategies.

The Second and Third place winners will receive seed capital of RM5,000 each. 

Resipi Berani MAGGI® is a culmination of the Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani MAGGI®, which aims to inspire more women to step out of their comfort zones, embracing the ‘Tak Kenal, Tak Cinta’ (‘Never Try, Never Know’) spirit.

The programme is hosted in partnership between MAGGI® and Google Malaysia, featuring a series of Bengkel Online Wanita Cukup Berani MAGGI® focusing on building self-confidence, improving business skills through digital upskilling, and enhancing cooking skills.

The 12 finalists of Resipi Berani MAGGI® were selected from a pool of over 2,000 women who participated in the series of upskilling workshops in 2021.

Speaking on her journey with the Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani MAGGI® campaign since its inception in 2020, Datin Paduka Eina Azman said,

“I have personally witnessed many transformational journeys and growth stories through the Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani MAGGI® and I’m truly honored to be the Brand Ambassador for MAGGI® CukupRasa. I’m delighted that this programme has supported many women, especially throughout the pandemic, and will continue to play its part to provide more women with the right guidance, mentorship, and skills training for them to establish themselves as an entrepreneur.”


finalist resipi berani maggi season 2,
The 12 mentees

The 12 mentees who made it as finalists in the Resipi Berani MAGGI® Season 2 comprise home-based food business owners includes : 

1. Anastasia Maigi (Sabah)
2. Kalarani D/O Subramaniam (Putrajaya)
3. Mellony Anak Stephen (Sarawak)
4. Nazrina binti Zamani (Selangor)
5. Noraslinda binti Rusli (Selangor)
6. Norli binti Mohd Azmi (Selangor)
7. Kentila D/O Veerayah (Selangor)
8. Nur Syahidah Aimullah binti Abdul Rahim (Kedah)
9. Nurul ‘Syaza Shahirah binti A. Samsuddin (Malacca)
10. Nurul Hajar Ismail (Johor)
11. Rozana Sari binti Roslan (Pahang)
12. Suzaimi binti Zahari (Terengganu)


Watching the first episodes, I can how nervous they are when waiting for the judge to give a comment, and it is one fun thing to watch and of course to learn something. I don't know if I'm brave enough to do this thing ever. 

Anyway, from the 2 thousand participants, it is a great opportunity even though you only managed to be in the top 12 right? The coverage of the program is huge, and I saw one of the finalists from Bentong, who unfortunately didn't manage to go to the top 6, using her '1 episode fame' to promote her business in the Bentong FB group. Kudos to her, and I bet she already improved her recipes by now right? 

Hence, do stay tuned for Resipi Berani MAGGI® Season 2 reality show that will be aired at 4.30 pm on TV3 every Friday for 6 weeks beginning 8 July, with a repeat at 11.30 am on Saturday. 

Viewers can also stream the episodes through MAGGI®’s YouTube channel ( from 5.00 pm every Friday, from 8 July onwards. 

resipi berani maggi watch party,

I can't wait to watch all the episodes and know who will be the winner for this Resipi Berani MAGGI Season 2! Thank you again MAGGI for the invites to your party last Wednesday. 


About Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani MAGGI®

The Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani MAGGI® is a nationwide programme in partnership between MAGGI® and Google Malaysia via Women Will, a Grow with Google programme. Since its inception in 2020, the programme places great importance on imparting self-confidence and awareness, improving business and digital skills as well as enhancing cooking skills through its Bengkel Online Wanita Cukup Berani MAGGI®. It is part of MAGGI® CukupRasa’s Tak Kenal Tak Cinta campaign that celebrates women who take their first step to try something new.


Grounded in real-life stories, the campaign video ( features three inspirational Malaysian women who have overcome challenging situations by having the courage to try something different, which ultimately led to positive outcomes in their lives. The programme is headlined by 3 mentors comprising Actress, Entrepreneur, Food Enthusiast and Brand Ambassador for MAGGI® CukupRasa, Datin Paduka Eina Azman; Director, Producer, Actress and Owner of The Dim Sum Place, Sheila Rusly; and Entrepreneur Icon and Owner of My Mum’s Bakery, Anne Idris.

About MAGGI®

MAGGI® is a recognised global brand that has become a household name in Malaysia. Its core mission is to create good-food moments that bring families closer together. Through its wide range of products and food solutions, MAGGI® helps mothers to prepare tasty and balanced homemade meals for their families every day. The brand is also committed to the ever-evolving needs of meal providers, providing new products and ideas, which continue to delight and inspire Malaysian families on the goodness of homemade. To learn more, please visit or our Facebook page at


About Nestlé Malaysia

Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturer. Headquartered in Switzerland, Nestlé is present in more than 180 countries around the world, and our 270,000 employees are committed to Nestlé’s purpose of unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come. Our performance is driven by our Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy. Nourishing Malaysians since 1912, Nestlé has earned the trust of our consumers through our quality brands and products. We are committed to improving the lives of the communities in which we operate, whilst maintaining our Halal excellence and integrity.


This is in line with our promise of delivering GOOD FOOD, GOOD LIFE to all. To learn more about how we have been nourishing Malaysians for over a century, do visit or our Facebook page at

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