23 Signs of 1 Week Pregnancy.

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23 Signs of 1 Week Pregnancy. | TTC woman sure excited to know if they already pregnant or not right? And if you are a first time you surely wanna know the changing that you have is a sign or not.

Did you know that when you are 1 week pregnant your body actually have start to change. Hence, here are the signs of 1 week pregnancy. This signs exclude non-menstrual symptoms as it is a common sign known to many as pregnancy symptoms.

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23 Signs of 1 Week Pregnancy.

1. Mild bleeding and abdominal cramps

If you experience light bleeding (spots), it may be a sign of 1 week pregnancy. Once fertilization has been successful, the fetus will be implanted into the uterine wall to obtain nutrients throughout the pregnancy.

The process causes light bleeding that is often accompanied by symptoms of abdominal cramps.

2. Body temperature rises

If you suddenly feel hot, it may be a sign of 1 week pregnant. A rise in body temperature can occur when you are ovulating or after successful fertilization.

When the fetus is embedded into the uterine wall, studies show that the inflammatory process plays an important role. This means, you will experience a rise in body temperature.

3. Fatigue and easy drowsiness

When you are pregnant, the production of the hormone hCG will regulate the secretion of the hormone progesterone.

It not only plays an important role during pregnancy but also plays a role in regulating the sleep cycle of an individual.

Fatigue and drowsiness are two signs of 1 week pregnancy.

4. A feeling of pounding

Apart from being associated with cardiovascular disease, palpitations are also one of the signs of 1 week pregnancy.

Your total blood volume will increase to meet the needs of the fetus. This will cause your heart to beat 25% faster than normal.

5. Breasts enlarge and feel sore

Hormonal changes can cause your breasts to change.

A handful of individuals are at risk for getting swollen breasts however it will gradually disappear once your body is accustomed to a high hormonal environment.

Your nipple (areola) will turn black and its girth will increase. Make sure you wear a suitable bra to reduce pain.

6. Constipation and bloating

Constipation and bloating are one of the signs of 1 week pregnancy.

While you are pregnant, hormonal changes will cause your digestive system to slow down. It can cause you to experience bloating and constipation.

Eat lots of fibrous foods to help relieve the symptoms.

7. Pregnant intoxication and poor appetite

It is one of the popular 1 week pregnancy signs. Just look at the dramas that feature scenes of pregnant women. Surely they will vomit.

Pregnancy intoxication usually occurs between the 4th and 6th week. Make sure you drink enough water. If you experience vomiting after drinking or eating, see your doctor.

8. Frequent urination

An increase in the volume of blood in the body will cause a woman's kidneys to filter more water.

This will cause you to urinate frequently. One piece of advice that is often given is not to hold your urine.

9. Dizziness

There are various types of physiological changes that women experience during pregnancy. One of them is low blood pressure. Hormones secreted can cause blood vessels to dilate.

This contributes to a drop in blood pressure that makes you dizzy and feel like the world is spinning.

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10. Heartburn

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause the sphincter muscles (openings at the end of the esophagus) to relax.

This will facilitate the flow of acid in the stomach to enter the esophagus which causes heartburn.

If you experience this condition, eat small portions regularly. Do not lie down after eating and tell your doctor if the symptoms occur frequently.

11. Cramps

In the early stages of pregnancy, mild cramps when the embryo attaches to the uterine wall may occur.

Cramps will be felt in the abdomen, pelvis or lower hip area. In fact, it may feel like a tingling, tingling or stinging sensation.

12. Bleeding nose and gums

Sounds weird, but some women experience nosebleeds or gums during pregnancy and it is considered a sign of the first week of pregnancy.

Bleeding occurs due to increased hormone levels and usually occurs when you are brushing or flossing your teeth.

13. Mood changes

When the body’s hormones face changes, it will also affect your emotions.

It is a normal condition to occur throughout pregnancy. In fact, mood swings can be considered among the most common pregnancy symptoms.

Even so, if you are struggling with depression, sadness, anxiety or stress, it is best to get a doctor's examination.

14. Nasal congestion

Increased hormone levels and blood production are also possible h causes the mucous membranes on the nose to swell, dry and bleed easily.

It may be the cause of a stuffy or runny nose.

15. The taste of metal

A number of women state that they experience a metallic taste in the mouth in the early stages of pregnancy.

It feels like there are coins in the mouth and often happens when consuming certain foods or randomly throughout the day.

16. Sensitive to odors

It is an early symptom of pregnancy that is often experienced by most women. Even so, there is little correlative evidence of odor sensitivity in the first trimester.

However, there is no denying that the sensitive sense of smell tends to trigger nausea and vomiting.

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17. Cravings for food

Among one of the signs of a 1 week pregnancy is that suddenly you may develop a desire to eat or dislike a favorite food.

The situation may last for 9 months of pregnancy or change during that period.

Take care yes, the most important thing is to maintain a balanced weight!

18. Face series & acne

You may not have noticed, but individuals around you are starting to notice a ‘smile on your face’.

Generally, it is caused by increased blood volume and higher hormone levels. The condition thus pushes more blood through the blood vessels.

At the same time the body oil glands also need to work overtime. Increased activity of the body's oil glands will make the skin look shiny and red.

But, beware the risk of acne to appear is also there!

19. High blood pressure as a sign of 1 week pregnancy

In most cases, high or normal blood pressure will go down in the early stages of pregnancy.

The condition may lead to dizziness, as your blood vessels dilate.

20. Discharge
There are some women who may detect thick vaginal discharge early in pregnancy. It usually occurs in the first weeks of pregnancy when the vaginal wall thickens.

However, this discharge may also occur throughout pregnancy.

If there is an unpleasant odor or there is a burning sensation and itching, do a doctor's examination.

21. Back pain
Although often considered a symptom of late pregnancy, it can begin in the early stages of pregnancy.

In fact, there are women who experience this back pain throughout pregnancy.

22. Swollen feet

The swelling condition that occurs involves the feet and ankles. Usually caused by pressure from the growing uterus slows down venous blood flow in the legs.

23. Shortness of breath

Increased body oxygen requirements (to support fetal growth) can cause some women to feel short of breath. However, these symptoms are said to be more common in late pregnancy.

Anyway all this signs will differ from one woman to another and of course it will different in all kids. Like me, my first pregnancy the sign were obvious and I had a really bad morning sickness but the second I didn't have any morning sickness but because I still breastfeeding my daughter, the breastmilk were suddenly drop. Hence, dear future mommy take a lot of attention when there is signs in your body, be extra careful if you don't want to lose your precious.

Stay safe!

Source and credit to : HelloDoctor

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