Wordless Wednesday : Shara Othman Now at Aeon Mall Shah Alam.

Amirrah Othman
Wordless Wednesday : Shara Othman Now at Aeon Mall Shah Alam.| Sharaholics! Good news to Shara Othman fans, they have move in to Aeon Mall Shah Alam on 21st September 2021. It actually just a 3 months contract but of cos they always love to go extra miles for their lovely customer experience.

I hope that everyone can support my family small business and if the sale is good, they can extend the rent for another months or maybe years right? Hihi. More information about this will be updated on my other post, and for now if you happen in Aeon Shah Alam do say hi at Shara Othman okay!

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L1, near Aeon entrance.

* Shara Othman - sells Muslimah cloth. 


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