Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Face Mask New Ambassador; Rozita Che Wan & Fundraising Campaign For National Cancer Council (MAKNA).

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Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Face Mask New Ambassador; Rozita Che Wan & Fundraising Campaign For National Cancer Council (MAKNA). | Since Pandemic Covid-19 hit the world, wearing a mask is no longer an option to us, as in Malaysia, it is a must when you in public, or you might end up to be sue by the police. It is not a cruel rules, it is for the sake of our health and people surrounding us. 

As a women, wearing a face masks are not just to reduce the chain of the plague but they now match the color of the face mask with the color of the shirt, or maybe shawl and bag. It is a now a part of everyday wardrobe, and if you want to be stylish and take care of your safety, the famous face mask manufacturer, Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Face Mask (Himaya) meets both of those requirements, beautiful, stylish and healthy.

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Chief Executive Officer of Anggun Kirana Sdn Bhd, Datuk KK Chua said, face mask his company's produce are well received because of their quality and having various colors namely Love Latte (soft brown), Soft Olive (pastel green), Apricot Dream, Blue Lagoon, Retro Slate, Aster Blue and Philipsburg Blue

Himaya received recognition from the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) and MDA (Medical Device Authority) approval GA3736020-51457. This half-face mask also comes with a headloop for maximum comfort, in contrast to regular earloop face masks. Himaya was also recognized at the Asia Halal Brand Awards (AHBA) 2020Due to it high demand, today Himaya launched a new color based on faint red namely Blush Rose and appointed the beautiful actress, Rozita Che Wan, as its ambassador.

According to Datuk KK Chua, the launch of this new color is along with the objective of making women who wear hijab still be able to be stylish and look confident with the latest face mask fashion collection from Glory.

“The company is releasing this latest color because there is a lot of demand and from time to time we will continue to produce new colors, ” he said. He said his party also wanted to educate consumers to wear a masks that is MOH-recognized medical face.

Himaya New Ambassador ; Rozita Che Wan

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For women who value style and skill, of course Rozita Che Wan or well known as Che Ta does not want to ‘disfigure’ his style by wearing a face mask which does not match his clothes. Che Ta are well known with her matching and color coding appearance with her family during her day out. I always love her confident and style and Himaya face mask that targets women wearing hijab is the best choice for the actress that’s because it meets the characteristics for stylish women and is able to take care of personal safety.

Che Ta said, wearing a face mask has become an obligation to the community to break the chain of the plague. 
"Even though I have been vaccinated, we still need to be careful because not necessarily those who have already completed two doses of vaccine will not be infected.

“I am very concerned about my style and Himaya's face mask really suit my style, not only because it has a wide range of color options, it also gets recognition KKM and it is four layers. So I don’t have to wear two layers of face mask.

“It is also very easy to use. After getting ready to go out, you can continue wear it without having to stick it in the ear (before wearing a hijab) like other brands of face masks, ” she said.

According to Che Ta, now the face mask is part of the accessory, you need it the right color that matching
 with the color of the shirt. The new color of this face mask is her own choice because of its soft color that can easily match with all colors of clothes. 

"Himaya not only offers a variety of attractive colors, it is also stylish, simple, not tedious to wear it is also safe to use.

“I have all the colors of Himaya's face mask. This face mask is also nonwoven and not itchy to the nose, " she said. The appointment of Rozita Che Wan as ambassador for the new color of Himaya completes the lineup the existing ambassadors are Erra Fazira, Elfira Loy, Wany Hasrita, Amira Othman and Nabila Razali

Fundraising Campaign For MAKNA

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In conjunction with the launch of the new color, Himaya held a Fundraising Campaign For MAKNAEvery year, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month by holding ‘Pink Ribbon’ campaign. It is symbolic in raising public awareness of the dangers of cancer breasts and the need to seek early treatment.

Thus, to express support for breast cancer patients, Himaya came forward held a Fundraising Campaign for MAKNA from 7 September to 31 October 2021.Datuk KK Chua said, breast cancer is the most common cancer suffered by women in the country, especially those aged between 45 and 64 years.

"But there are still those who are afraid to do an initial inspection to detect the disease is at an early stage to seek treatment. 

“Increased awareness allows breast cancer to be detected earlier and more easy to treat thus reducing the stigma associated with this disease, ” he said. He said, this is Himaya’s first collaboration With MAKNA and it will continued the following year.

“This collaboration is very meaningful for me to help people about awareness of breast cancer as it strikes regardless of age, background back and race.

"MAKNA with the slogan A Meaning to Life, already enough for us to understand in order to always appreciate every precious second inside our lives, ” he said.  

General Manager MAKNA

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Meanwhile, MAKNA General Manager, Puan Farahida Mohd Farid said, we are very honored to be able to collaborate with Himaya to do this charity when with every purchase of Himaya colored Blush Rose and Apricot Dream RM2 will be donated to the MAKNA fund.

"Hopefully this cooperation can be continued in the coming years," she said.

She also admit that since the pandemic Covid-19 starts, the donation to MAKNA fund has been reduced almost 6% but the patient who need the funds are increasing. This might be due to the economic crisis during the pandemic and MAKNA continuosly helps more than 10,000 B40 patient every month with the fund.

Campaign Contributions

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#PinkberMAKNA campaign is very good awareness to all women out there especially, because cancer is very painful and I witness 2 of my auntie who die and suffer because of breast cancer. During this Pink October month, for every purchase of Himaya face mask, RM2 will be donated to the MAKNA fund. However, the purchase is only validly made on the Shopee site: himayamy and website: himaya.international only.

The purchase is also only for Himaya Blush Rose and Apricot Dream colors because of the base the two face masks are a faint red color to coincide with the Pink Ribbon Campaign. Himaya can be purchased at all Watson and Caring Pharmacy chain stores also from the registered agent.

On the side note, team Himaya is now actively looking for Agents and Dropship who want to generate extra income online. For those who are interested, please call/whatsapp +6012-790 5288 for registration. Currently, there are 100 Himaya agents registered and Anggun Kirana wants to find another 300 agents before November 2021. The recruitment of agents and dropship is limited. So, do hurry up!

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  1. Color dia semua memang color jiwa wanita hehehe.. senang nak padankan dengan baju kann, so kena beli semua warna.. tapi untuk Okt ni beli pink yaa, membeli sambil menderma kannn..

  2. Wah! lepas ni boleh beli color Che Ta pulak Erra, WaniH, Elfira dah sudah

  3. Bagus betul usaha Himaya ni kan sebab bagi donation juga untuk charity. Warna yang dipilih pun kena betul dengan wanita. Menggambarkan feminin. Duta pun Che Ta.

  4. letopan che ta! memang sesuai amik dia as duta. hehehe dah lah cantik dan ada aura dia sendiri. harap lepas ni amik laki dia lak as duta baru lelaki confident nak beli

  5. sula dengan kaler dia.. lembut jer..sesuai untuk wanita sebenarnya... dan senang nak match dengan pakaian harian

  6. Yes. Rawlins nak beli gak sebab warnanya memang menarik. Bergaya sambil menderman kan.

  7. Betul facemask brand himaya ni memang kaler dia lawa-lawa. Nanti nak grab la sebab sambil menderma.

  8. Cantik giler Blush Rosw tu, nanti nak beli lah. Bleh buat stock face mask. Sememangnya keperluan. Sambil tu boleh derma kepasa MAKNA. Bagua inisiatif Himaya ni

  9. Suka tgk Cik TA mmg sentiasa cantik walaupun pakai mask,
    facemask brand himaya ni npk cantik warna2 dia

  10. Waah, Malaysia sekarang punya masker hijab yang aman dan medical safety seperti Himaya ini ya. Brand ambassadornya cakep banget ya. Modis sekali juga pakaiannya. Saya suka.

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