Luckin Kopi x Sang Kancil ; Croissant Lava Cake!

Amirrah Othman
Luckin Kopi x Sang Kancil ; Croissant Lava Cake! | Hi Luckin Kopi fans! I guess everyone missing dine in at Luckin Kopi during the MCO right? Their food and coffee is to die for. If you familiar with Luckin Kopi, it is situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur Gold Triangle. Last time I went they, we have to queue before we can get in.

Luckin Kopi aim to delight their guests with menu inspired from traditional asian foods made with freshest ingredients in a heritage surroundings restaurant with excellent services. They believe that they can connect through just one cup of kopi. 

Hence, with their mission you can see the menu is so Malaysian-lah! And they always brings the different in every menu they have in their restaurant. This year, another menu and collaboration embarks their culinarian journey when they collaborate with Sang Kancil to made another superb dish - Croissant Lava Cake!

If you a croissant fans I guess you will already tried a lava croissant before. But have you try a croissant cake? I dare to say that average reader of this must have eaten Croissants and cempedak right? But have you ever not eaten all these main ingredients combined into one? I bet you don't!

Croissant Lava Cake

I never had Croissant and Cempedak but this menu from Luckin Kopi definitely their hot selling items right now! This rare menu is a collaboration between Luckin Kopi and Sang Kancil. Apart from Lava Cempedeka, this Croissant Lava Cake is also available with Pandan Gula Melaka and Mocha flavors.

Croissant Lava Cake Pandan Gula Melaka  

This cake smells like pandan and the sweet Lava Gula Melaka in the middle will make you want more! I love the creamy lava that is not too sweet and the kelapa chunky on top of it add in more texture to the dish. It definitely an addiction.

Croissant Lava Cake Cempedak 

Lava cempedak is made from sweet cempedak fruit and the strong smell of cempedak. I guess cempedak fan will make go addicted with it. Too bad in my house I'm the only one cempedak fans, I couldn't order this. It take days for me to finished the whole cake right? Haha

 Croissant Lava Cake Mocha 

A combination of coffee  & chocolate is perfect! Not too sweet and bitter, anyone who likes coffee with chocolate will love this cake! I guess they used Luckin Kopi that is so kaw!

Free Delivery Promotion In The Klang Valley

Good news for those living in the Klang Valley, for a limited time they offered a free delivery for you! Better grab it before you have to pay for the delivery. If you live far from their restaurant, I guess this really a golden time to try the menu.

This Lava croissant can be eaten cold or heated, according to your taste preference. For me a cold lava sauce with hot croissant taste great! The price? Prices vary according to your taste preferences.

Croissant Lava Cake sells as low as RM69 for Pandan, RM79 for Mocha and RM89 for the cempedak. You can have it anytime and it will be great for 4 person for one croissant cake. Anyway, if you already fully vaccine you can dine in at their place already. Their restaurant really instagrammable place.

Wanna try a Croissant Lava Cake? You can buy it at


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  1. Akak suka konsep pastry dengan sos macam ni. Dulu makan roti dengan mushroom soup di tengah mcm ni. Sedap betul. Bila tengok Croissant Lava Cake ni, menggamit memori pula. Saya nak try Mocha tu lah. Nyummm nyummmm.

  2. Read this somewhere before and I must say that it is very inviting and enticing. I have never seen croissant with oozing lava. tempting.

  3. Ok. Boleh tolong hantar kat Rawlins mocha dan pandan gula melaka please? Yang cempedak tu tak pernah rasa so tak pasti nak ke tak hahaha

  4. These lava cakes look so tempting. Especially the mocha one. Reading this review really makes me wanna try all flavors.

  5. Geramnyaa nengok.. lain tak berapa nak tengokk, yang rasa mocha kopi tu haaa, ermmm teruja plakkk kita... apsal JB takde ekkk huhuhu

  6. nampak pun sedap.. rotinya sumpah nampak lembut gila.. kena try juga one day ni hehehe

  7. wow cake warna hitam! cool gila. pastu kat tengah tu mencurah curah choc keluar. harga pun tak mahal sgt

  8. cantiknye kek dia. sedap ke lava kek cempedak tu? macam nak try pandan kek dia

  9. rasa mcm nak order yg pandan boss suka gila any cakes with pandan flavour. kelakar rasanya lelaki suka flavour pandan

  10. Sedap tu Croissant Lava Cake dah lama tak mkn nti blhlah order klu nak mkn

  11. Omg... sis tergoda! The croissant lava cake cempedak macam best and sangat unique.

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