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LATEST UMRAH TERMS AND CONDITION IN MALAYSIA. | Umrah is one want thing that everyone will miss to do during the pandemic Covid-19. After almost years, it is closed to the outsiders the Saudi Arabia has been announcing to welcoming everyone to perform Umrah once again in 10 August 2021 but of course with a strict terms and condition.

Malaysia also has release the latest Terms and Conditions for Malaysian who wanted to perform Umrah even though there still no news when they will allowed you to do that. Everything still on planning by the MKN and approximately, they will allowed it happened by the end of the year. I wish I had a chance to perform umrah soon but looking at the cost that expected to be increasing due to the Saudi Arabia's enforcement of Covid-19 SOP, I guess I have to work harder for it.

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The enforcement of Covid-19 SOP also will be implement in Malaysia where I received this from my whatsapp group from THIS source. The terms and conditions are quite long and may be changed or add depends on the situation in future.


1. Only pilgrims 18 years and above are allowed to go on Umrah.

2. Only pilgrims who have completed the vaccine are allowed to go on Umrah. The types of vaccines allowed in Saudi Arabia are Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & AstraZeneca.

(For Sinovac, pilgrims need to take 1 dose of "booster" from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson or AstraZeneca as a condition)

3. Register the type of vaccine taken at and bring a copy of the vaccine confirmation for review by the Saudi Arabian authorities.

4. Umrah visa & Tourism visa are allowed for Umrah.

5. Congregants must install the Tawakkalna & Eatmarna app in their phones.
(Tawakkalna - To monitor the health & movement of the congregation (spt my sejahtera), Eatmarna - For Umrah Worship permit tree, raudah pilgrimage & prayer at Masjidlharam)

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Source : Facebook 

6. Maximum room capacity of 2 people only.

7. Bus load, maximum 25 people only or 50% for bus, SUV 5 people and sedan 2 people.

8. Room & vehicle booking online system. If the congregation cancels the package after the booking is made. Refunds will not be available. No changes are allowed upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

9. Before flying to Saudi Arabia, pilgrims must undergo a PCR test within 72 hours from the time of departure with a negative result. The decision paper needs to be brought to Saudi.

10. There is no quarantine in Saudi Arabia.

11.Ibadah Umrah & ziarah Raudah must have a permit (managed by Umrah agency for Umrah visa only).

12. Umrah & Raudah pilgrimage permit will be applied from Malaysia during the Umrah visa application.

13. Arriving in Saudi Arabia, the agency/congregation must confirm the Umrah & Raudah pilgrimage slot at least 24 hours before the Umrah or Raudah pilgrimage slot.

After a slot is confirmed, it cannot be amended or canceled.
THTS is not responsible if the pilgrims do not have the opportunity to perform umrah/ ziarah Raudah after the slot is amended or canceled by the pilgrims

14. Umrah & Raudah pilgrimage can only be done once during the package period.

Applications to perform umrah for the 2nd time will get a slot/approval after 14 days from the date of performing the first umrah. Subject to slot vacancy.

15. For tourist visa holders, Umrah & Raudah pilgrimage permit matters must be done by the congregation themselves (self service) through the Eatmarna application,

16. Umrah Worship & Raudah pilgrimage movement in groups (25 people per group) & accompanied by a Saudi peg/Umrah operator representative. If the pilgrims ride in an SUV or Sedan (FIT), they will be grouped according to slots until their group is enough of 25 people to perform Umrah or Raudah pilgrimage.

17. Pilgrimage activities, pilgrims can get off the bus but subject to current conditions & permission by the Saudi Arabian authorities.

18. 5 time prayers in the Prophet's mosque do not need a permit, just need to scan Tawakkalna.

19. 5 time prayers in the Grand Mosque need a permit. Congregants must apply themselves in the Eatmarna app, at least one day before prayers & subject to vacancy.

20. Before returning to Malaysia, pilgrims must undergo a PCR test in Saudi Arabia within 3 days (72 hours) before the flight date/time with a negative result.
(The cost of this PCR is already included in the package price)

21. Tawaf wada 'is still not allowed.

22. Arriving in Malaysia, pilgrims will be quarantined for 14 days at a quarantine center set by the Malaysian government.
(The cost of quarantine for the congregation is at your own risk)

All of the above rules are subject to change from the Malaysian government and the Saudi Arabian government.

Covid-19 Insurance Coverage

1. If the congregation is Covid-19 positive in Saudi Arabia, the cost of quarantine will be covered by insurance SR450 per day (including meals 3 times a day) and a maximum of 14 days coverage. If the cost of quarantine exceeds the insurance coverage, the congregation will have to bear the cost.

2. The cost of PCR testing is not covered by insurance.

3. Flight ticket is only covered by SR500 for change of flight date only.


1. Mutawif cannot guide Umrah / Raudah pilgrimage groups.

Despite of its long terms and conditions, many agencies already have offer the package for this year end and as I can see it is start at RM6,900 until RM9,000 +. It is quite high because of the strict SOP like maximum capacity room that is only 2 and of course the cost of quarantines that you should bear after preforming Umrah. Somehow, it is the cost we have to bear living in world of pandemic today and I hope that Allah will ease all our affairs.

Pray for me too okay!

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  1. Sudah pasti ada perubahan kos, proses dan prosedur Umrah dan Haji tahun mendatang ini. Berdoalah, ALLAH jemput tetamuNya dalam pelbagai cara

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