Paedophilia, Your Child Could be Next!

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Paedophilia, Your Child Could be Next!| hai everyone...It was a call to talk about the Paedophilia issue when I read all the extreme pathetic story at Wardina Safiyyah Facebook. It was a huge issue.. I was worried because I have a daughter too and I don't want this things ever happen to her..Nauzubillah... so are you actualy aware of Paedophilia or Pedophile?

It is understood that while not all paedophiles are child molesters and vice versa, paedophilia is a mental disorder where a person is often defined by their desires. The international medical community, particularly, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has included ‘paedophilia in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) since 1968’. According to the periodically updated DSM, this mental disorder has also been defined as “recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviour that involve children, non-human subjects, or other non-consenting adults, or the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one’s partner.”


Paedophilia is a mental disorder and not a sexual orientation nor is it a lifestyle choice. Paedophiles are nearly always adult males. But women and adolescents can also be offenders.

Paedophiles are found in all segments of society and in all racial and ethnic groups. The Abel and Harlow Child Molestation Prevention Study found that 77 percent of admitted molesters were married, 46 percent had attended some college, nearly 70 percent were employed and 93 percent described themselves as being religious. I heard many cases that were involved with the Ustaz/Monk/Priest...too bad people or the victims have to bear that with the bad sentiment of a person that should be the most trusted people. This children sometimes grow up to be a rebellious that hate their religion...

Pedophiles are most likely to prey on children they know. Most victims are friends or neighbors. One in three is a stepchild, an adopted child or a foster child. Nearly 20 percent are biological children and 35 percent are other family members, including siblings, nieces, nephews or grandchildren.

This were more pathetic and sick thing that ever happened to a child.. How cruel life can be? It was such heartbreaking when I read a story of a father that molested and rape all their daughter, they even give birth... and the most ever sickening me is the case of the father who so call molested his daughter and winning the case because he only used his finger to do it.. And it was done 4/5 times and she were pregnant. The DNA results even showed the baby belong to him... The stupid damn father were so happy when he won the cases.. F$%K him..I wished he died tragically...hahaha...

Pedophiles are usually attracted to children in a specific age group and prefer one gender over the other. Even if they don’t have their own children, they may keep toys or activities geared toward their preferred population in their homes. They volunteer in groups, such as scouts or youth sports, that interface with their preferred targets. They also offer to baby sit and spend time around others’ children. So to all parents out there please watch and beware to whom you leave your child with... but then, the one who we should trust also doing the bad things, so for whom that we should trust? For me as a Muslim, in Allah we trust... pray to Him.. mother pray are always the best...the most magnificent...

Here is the prayers that we can teach our children for prayer and practice:

PRAYER AND PRACTICE OF SITI SARAH ( Wife of Nabi Ibrahim) which can avoid raped and when she was approached by THE KING OF INJUSTICE .

This is the prayer that was practice by Nabi Ibrahim a.s wife,(Siti Sarah) that make the make all man includes her injustice king ran away. If you were in prisoner or being kidnap, read this prayer at all time with full of confident to Allah. Insha Allah He will send you a help.



O' Allah, jika engkau mengetahui bahawa aku beriman kepada Mu dan Rasul Mu, dan aku menjaga kehormatanku hanya untuk suamiku, maka lindungilah aku daripada dikuasai oleh orang-orang kafir dan zalim” ( Riwayat Al-Bukhari, no 2104, 2/722 ; Sunan Al-Baihaqi, 5/97; Musnad ahmad, 2/403 ; Fath Al-Bari, 6/393; Umdat Al-Qari, 12/30 ; Sohih )

This also a good prayer that a mother can do for her children to avoid them from Zina or bad thing:

اللَّهُمَّ اغْفِرْ ذَنْبَهُ , وَطَهِّرْ قَلْبَهُ , وَحَصِّنْ فَرْجَهُ


"Ya Allah ampunkanlah dosanya, bersihkanlah/sucikanlah hatinya, dan bentengilah kemaluannya"

(if women change from HU to HA)

Only in Allah we trust and lets make a prayer and let it be a good practice to avoid your children to be the next victims...

Pedophiles rarely need to coerce their victims to engage in sexual acts. Rather, they spend time building trust and friendship. Then, they gradually introduce physical contact, beginning with hugging, tickling, holding children on their laps and kissing. Lets watch the simple video and make it great awareness to you and your family...

Read more here:

Tips for protecting your children from paedophiles : 

In order to protect our children from paedophiles, the Office of the Attorney General of California offers these suggestions:

• Inform children that it is wrong for adults to engage children in sexual activity.

• Let kids know they can tell you anything, especially if it involves another adult. If they don’t feel completely comfortable sharing with you, find a trusted third party whom your youngsters can confide in.

• Know the people your children spend time with.

• Teach children about their bodies. Give them correct language for use when describing their private parts.

• Keep tabs on your kids. Know their friends and be clear about the places and homes they can visit.

• Be involved in your children’s activities. As an active participant, you can observe how the adults in charge interact with the youngsters under their care.

• Listen to your children. Pay close attention if they tell you that they do not want to be with someone or go somewhere. This may be an indication of more than a personality conflict or lack of interest in the activity or event.

• Notice when someone shows one or all of your children a great deal of attention or begins giving them gifts. Take the time to talk to your children about this person and find out why the person is acting in this way.

• Teach kids they have a right to say no to any unwelcome, uncomfortable or confusing touch or actions by others. Encourage them to tell you immediately if this happens. Reassure them that you are there to help and it is OK to tell you anything.

• Be sensitive to any changes in your children’s behavior or attitude. Encourage open communication, and learn how to be an active listener.


This is a crucial and easy way because you can teach them as early as 3 years old... Let them be a protective to their self... Mommy and daddy also playing part to hugs and kisses your children a lot and this will avoid your children to find another love or hugs from others who is actually irresponsible to them.. Love your children more...

I hope this will be a great sharing and will be benefit to you and others. I pray to God this things will not be ever happened to my children, my niece or nephew, my friends and anyone in this world.. I hope all the sickening things were never be happened again... Lets mother, future mother and sister be a protector to your child, stop screaming at them cos it won't help.. Yeah it was to me too..cos I really love to scream at my child...I want to be a good mother.. Please pray for me...

To all innocent baby, children who have be the victims please don't be afraid to the world, just be cautious. Be protective. Pray hard. Move on... There always a rainbow after a hard storm...

May God Bless You All,

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