How to Achieve a Happy Life

Amirrah Othman
How to Achieve a Happy Life. | Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” —Mahatma Gandhi. Who doesn't want to be happy in life right? But do you know the true meaning of happiness and how to achieve it? 

An American psychologist said : Living a happy life is a fine art which entails 10 things:

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1. Do a work that you love. If you cannot do that, then find a hobby that you love and do it in your spare time and reinforce it.

2. Take care of your health for it is the spirit of happiness. This means being moderate in eating and drinking, exercising regularly and avoiding bad habits.

3. Have a goal in life, for this will give you motivation and energy.
Living life without goals make you unenergetic, you don't have the purpose of living and it is not fun at all. Thus, ambition is important and mommy do teach your kids the purpose of life from they young.

4. Take life as it comes, and accept the bitter and the sweet. 
Don't put life to hard and try not to be the one who try disobey the rules. It makes your life hard.

5. Live in the present, with no regret for the past and no anxiety about tomorrow that has not come yet.
Move on please! Regretting about the past will not change anything in the past.

6. Think hard about any action or decision, and do not blame anyone else for your decision or its consequences.

7. Look at those who are worse off than you. 
This will make you feel grateful with what you have, if you compare with the opposite you might feel down.

8. Have a habit of smiling and being cheerful, and keep company with optimistic people. 
Yes, do have a positive circle and do remove the negative one in your circle.

9. Strive to make others happy so that you may benefit from the atmosphere of happiness. 
One said that the most awesome people in the world is the one who gave benefits to the others, so what kindness that you made today so far?

10. Make the most of occasions of happiness and joy, and regard them as necessary to renew your own happiness. 
If you are a parents, always makes your kids happy. A single cone of ice cream can give great impact to them, or even a hugs can make them smile brightest.

"Enjoy today and make the most of it; look for things that will prevent pain from happening before it attacks you." 

Source and credits to : 'You Can Be The Happiest Woman In The World' narrated by Dr. 'Aid al-Qarni


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