Jelajah Suria is Back with Jelajah 90 Suria Memang Cantik Kak ELL this August!

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Jelajah Suria is Back with Jelajah 90 Suria Memang Cantik Kak ELL this August! | Jelajah Suria is one of the awaited events every year and during the pandemic, we didn’t manage to make any big event. This year, Covid-19 still existed but congrats to Malaysians who took vaccination, Covid-19 can be said it’s not a big threat anymore.

Hence, 'Jelajah Suria' series is now back with a different touch, Suria FM radio station is proud to announce that the stage 'Jelajah 90 Suria Memang Cantik Kak ELL' will be held throughout August throughout the country.

Jelajah 90 Suria Memang Cantik Kak ELL,
Jom Jelajah 

Jelajah 90 Suria Memang Cantik Kak ELL.

Jelajah 90 Suria Memang Cantik Kak ELL
Jelajah Suria

With a '90s' touch concept, the Suria tour is scheduled to happen in 4 selected states throughout the month of August, namely:

  • 6 August - Kuantan City Mall, Kuantan Pahang.
  • 13 August - Aman Central Alor Setar, Kedah
  • 20 August - Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru
  • 27 August - IOI Mall 2, Putrajaya

The event which will start at 1.45 in the afternoon is expected to end at 6 pm lining up more than 33 popular artists featuring a combination of legendary artists from the 90s and also a new artist today. The legendary artist is definitely my age favorite and of course, new artists will be the youngest generation favorites, thus everyone should enjoy the various genre from different artists during the tour.

Jelajah 90 Suria Memang Cantik Kak ELL Bus
Jelajah 90 Suria Memang Cantik Kak ELL Bus!

Among them Ziana Zain, Ella, Dayang Nurfaizah, Zamani Slam, Amir Uk's, Alim Kris, Liza Hanim, Amelina, Muss (Mus May), Safura, Hatta Junction, Kumpulan Boboy, Poey Stings, Renggo (Arrow), Rahmad Mega, Man Bai, Wan (Lestary), Siti Nordiana, Hagiem Rusli, Amir Masdi, Nuha Bahrin, Naufal Azrin, Ara Johari, Afieq Shazwan, Dolla, Tajul, Wany Hasrita, Yonnyboii, Insomniacks, Floor 88, Nabila Razali, Fieya Julia, Ima Troye and many more!

The stage of the 90 Suria Tour series this time will also be a bat field for new artists promoting their songs including Farah Rose, Wawa Shazwa, Ahmad Syafiq, Farra Ahmed, Hakim Khan, Aiman ​​Zaidi and Syeera Aziz.

Also enlivening the touring stage are Suria FM presenters consisting of Ajak, Suraya Borhan, Feeya Iskandar (Cik Piah), Sharifah Shahira (Rara), Tyzo, Anna Aljuffrey (Anna J) and DJ Lin.

According to the General Manager of Suria FM, Roslinda Abd Majid or DJ Lin
"After almost 2 years has not found fans since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, now Suria FM is back on ground to entertain loyal listeners as a sign of gratitude above the solid support they have given all this time"


DJ Lin suria fm,
me with DJ Lin

She said, the theme of the Jelajah series this time is in line with the concept of Suria FM radio playing 90s hit songs in addition to aiming to bring back the nostalgia of the past to become a phenomenon.

"Many interesting attractions await visitors including the lucky draw session offering a variety of special gifts such as 4 motorcycles, 4 folding bikes, electrical goods, and vacation packages that are estimated to be worth more than RM100 thousand ringgit by only buying exclusive Suria products such as Combo Sejati, Combo Jalan Pulang, Combo Baldu Biru, and more with promotional prices at the Kedai booth Suria on the day of the Tour" added DJ Lin.


"'We hope the 'Jelajah 90 Suria' series gets a good response from all parties and the public is invited to attend to enliven the event. It's free" concluded DJ Lin.


This time the tour also brings more interesting stage activities by featuring
a busker group as an opening performance, as well as a session with the product founder Kak ELL also offers various special prizes. There is also a competition for the Busker group that you should not miss too!

Memang Cantik Kak ELL.

memang cantik kak ell produk,
Kak ELL's Product

Kak ELL is a founder of Kak ELL skincare that has been in the market for more than 4 years and they have been with Suria FM since last year. Kak ELL chooses to promote her product at Suria.FM after making a survey of their consumer and show that many of her consumers are Suria.FM listener.

For the Jelajah Suria 90 Memang Cantik Kak ELL, Kak ELL is the main sponsor and during the event, her team also will be there to promote their products and open up the opportunity to others who wanted to join their team as agents or stockists. Kak ELL now has a total of 800 stockist and agents that is committed and successful with the brand journey. 

During Jelajah 90 Suria Memang Cantik Kak ELL, Kak ELL also has special giveaways that will be offering RM1,000 cash for the winner in every 4 states.

So, do make sure you save the date for this Jelajah Suria and this Saturday at Kuantan City Mall. How I wish I'm in Kuantan this Saturday. I wanna join the hype and watch Ella's performance and who knows I can win something too right?

For more information, visit Suria's website or follow Suria Malaysia's social media.

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