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RAIHAN WILL MEET THE FANS THIS NOVEMBER WITH GARIS MASA CONCERT. | Nasyeed music has been missing their vibes in this music industry for quite sometimes. In the 90s, Nasyeed is one of the genre that is dominated the country.

One of the Nasyeed group that is so popular yet until now is Raihan. I remembered grow up with their song and I of course still remember the lyrics of their songs until now.

Raihan Garis Masa Concert,
It was an honor to finally meet Raihan in person


Raihan, as its name means fragrant plant or heavenly flower, they fight for the rhythm of nasyid. And as a group of nasyid, handlers Raihan's appearance at that time has sparked a phenomenon. 

The debut album with the title Puji Pujian broke local album sales records with 750,000 units sold and so far has not been broken by sales from other local artists.

Garis Masa Raihan,

With the magnificent achievement achieved, Raihan who is now a member of Che Amran Iris, Abu Bakar Md Yatim and Amran Ibr continue to get attention from music fans in all corners of the world.

Not only Asian countries like Hong Kong, Kuwait, Dubai, Thailand and Syria, but the music Raihan also resonated and was praised in Europe, North America up to the continent of Africa.

Without realizing it, the age of Raihan's career has already passed 25 years. To celebrate their challenging journey, Raihan will appear with a concert that can be described as epic through the Garis Masa Concert-Raihan.

Garis Masa Concert-Raihan is scheduled to take place on November 26, 2022 at Malawati Stadium, Shah Alam.

Raihan, jim liew,
Raihan with Jim Liew

Garis Masa Concert-Raihan will take us back to their glory days and revive the nostalgia and phenomenon of nasyid tunes that used to be a favorite of music fans in Malaysia.

"As a group that has created various histories and records and received recognition, we believe the Garis Masa Concert-Raihan is able to attract people to watch their concert, even a will be a different performance than usual fans watch," said Jim Liew the organizer representing WNS Marketing & Events Sdn.Bhd.

"Raihan carries a message of goodness throughout the ages. Every religion teaches about goodness and is inviting to goodness. I believe that music is also one encouragement to goodness. And Raihan has proven this from the 90s across 6 continents from the past to the present. They even performed in front of Queen Elizabeth by singing nasyid songs. Even the songs and performances they cross to Dubai, Africa, Russia, and many more countries," said Jim Liew again about Raihan's selection in this upcoming concert.

According to Jim Liew again, the title Timeline was taken because it felt appropriate to the 'timeline' for those who have listened to Raihan's songs since childhood until now. In fact, Raihan music is also heard and enjoyed by various races and religions. 

"Malay friends, if they want to fast, they will listen to Raihan's intention to fast song. Me excited when Raihan's record is able to sell up to 800,000 units and mash has not been broken. Although artists now get millions of views, they have not been able to overcome the journey Raihan's timeline," added Jim Liew with confidence and gratitude.

Raihan, concert Raihan,

The performance will take about 90 minutes and start at 8.45 that night will witness Raihan singing their hit series including Puji-Pujian, Iman Mutiara, Indeed, Thank You Allah, 25 Messengers, Thanks, Bismillah, and Senyum.

Listening to the selection of song titles given also made many fans of Raihan twist nostalgia towards the greatness of the music of the nasyid in the group which is not excessive but quite entertaining. 

Meanwhile, representing Raihan, Che Amran expressed gratitude for being behind many concerts, the group that was established in 1996 will follow liven up the atmosphere with the nuances of their proud nasyid music.

"We are very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Garis Masa Concert-Raihan in modern times most fans may listen a little less to songs nasyid like around the end of the 90s.”

Thank you to the sponsors for believing and wanting the Garis Masa Concert-Raihan implemented on November 26 next. Thank you to Hotel Seri Pacific Kuala Lumpur for being willing to be a sponsor for today's Press Conference session.

"Hopefully existing Raihan fans can use nostalgia and new fans get to know Raihan's music gay who this time will appear with various instruments and
will become art it sounds beautiful in addition to building new memories between Raihan and all the fans," he said.


All fans should not meet the opportunity to join this epic concert soon, and for those who brings their kids there is special price ticket for kids. And for kids who is sitting on your lap,they will be no extra charge for them. 

This will be a great bonding and family time for you and your kids, and lets teach them with good message while they still young right?


Concert NameGaris Masa Concert-Raihan
Organizer Name: WNS Marketing & Events Sdn Bhd
Date: November 26, 2022
Location: Malawati Stadium, Shah Alam
Time: 8:45 pm
Ticket price: RM95, RM110, RM170, RM200, RM250, RM300, RM350, RM450 and
Ticket price (under 12) : RM66.50, RM77, RM119, RM140, RM175, RM210, RM245, RM315 and RM350

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