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USAHANITA LAUNCHED THE MALAYSIAN FOOD, FASHION, FIESTA 2022 (MFFF 2022, LONDON UNITED KINGDOM). | Women entrepreneurs are an amazing pillar in a family. As someone who has a mother and sisters involved in entrepreneurship, I watch their hard work and struggle in sustaining their business throughout the year.

To sustain in the industry usually involve some amount of money and support from various side and we are glad that in Malaysia, many associations support women's entrepreneurship and one of them is USAHANITA. 

USAHANITA LAUNCHED THE MALAYSIAN FOOD, FASHION, FIESTA 2022 (MFFF 2022, LONDON UNITED KINGDOM), malaysia food fiesta UK event, usahanita program,
USAHANITA with Reyhana(One in a Million)

The Association of Bumiputera Women Entrepreneurs (USAHANITA) 

The Association of Bumiputera Women Entrepreneurs (USAHANITA) was established in 1981 and is made up of Bumiputera Women Entrepreneurs who are active in various business fields.

So far 3,000 members are registered throughout the states in Peninsular Malaysia in the fields of Contractors, Manufacturing, Importers, Franchises, Information Technology, Services, Consultants, Wholesalers, Direct Sales, Suppliers, and Food and Craft Products from the States of Johor, Pahang, Kedah, Perak, the Federal Territory of Putrajaya, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, and Melaka as well as 40 Districts under their respective state branches.

USAHANITA has organized business seminars, discussion sessions, and business missions in the country and abroad. In addition to pursuing business opportunities, USAHANITA also organizes various welfare and social events. 

Malaysian Food, Fashion Fiesta 2022 UK (MFFF UK)

Malaysian Food, Fashion Fiesta 2022 UK (MFFF UK)
The President of USAHANITA Malaysia, Dato Faridah A Jabbar (center) poses with members of the USAHANITA association and famous actress, Norish Karman (third from right), Irma Hasmie (far right), and singer, Reyhana (second from left) when officiating the launch of the Malaysian Food program, Fashion Fiesta 2022 UK at Platinum Walk, Kuala Lumpur.

The Association of Malaysian Bumiputra Women Entrepreneurs, USAHANITA recently, launched the Malaysian Food, Fashion Fiesta 2022 UK (MFFF UK)at CRK Chicken Rice Kiosk Platinum Walk Setapak KL owned by the Hulu Langat Businesswoman Puan Aida.

Dato Faridah A Jabbar, YDP Usahanita Malaysia
Dato Faridah A Jabbar, YDP Usahanita Malaysia

The ceremony was officiated by Ste (Hons) Dato Faridah A Jabbar, YDP Usahanita Malaysia, and attended by AMT Usahanita Malaysia, Noor Amy Ismail, One of the Director representing Halia UK director and MAVCAP COO (Malaysia Venture. Capital), Mrs. Wawa coordinator of MFFF2022, VIP invitation, artists, journalists, bloggers.

The inauguration of the Malaysian Food & Fashion Fiesta 2022 program will be held in conjunction with the celebration of Malaysia Day, in London, the United Kingdom on 16 September - 18 September 2022.

The program, which was held for the first time, was themed 'Taste of Malaysia' in addition to displaying Malaysian arts and crafts culture. More special, this program will bring local products, consisting of products of USAHANITA members, as well as local entrepreneurs.

Datin Amy as COO of Restoran Halia UK
Noor Amy Ismail, One of the Director representing Halia UK director and MAVCAP COO (Malaysia Venture. Capital)

This collaboration program involves HALIA UK, a well-known Malaysian restaurant in the City of London, which has agreed to highlight the products of this entrepreneur exclusively as the main activity of USAHANITA's trade mission to the City of London and also with MyGalore, as the official platform "e-commerce", which will market these products through online marketing.

This initiative is an effort by the association; USAHANITA GOING GLOBAL, as responding to and appreciating the government's efforts in restoring the economy and empowering the survival of PMKS Businesses, especially women. And help so that women's products will be better known and more competitive and competitive abroad. 

The program is expected to be able to develop local products, explore and penetrate the European market in general, specifically in the United Kingdom at this time, and will definitely go to other countries next. 

In addition to various inputs and information before and after this program takes place on August 24 at 9.00 am at Exim Bank HQ, information on the advantages of exporting and the involvement of entrepreneurs there will be given.


This press conference aims to inform the latest developments about the organization of this trade mission, as well as introduce the line of products and entrepreneurs who will be involved in the MFFF 2022 program, and will also be graced with an exclusive performance of the Charity Dinner with Reyhana at Halia UK with theme Songket night on September 17,2022.

mFFF UK 2022

It will be a great event and opportunity for Malaysian entrepreneurs to go global during this event. Entrepreneur who interested to join the event can contact :

Datin Faridah Bendahari Usahanita Malaysia : 0129545355
Pn Salmah Ismail Biro Keusahawanan Usahanita Malaysia : 010796 0769
Pn Najwa Abd Mutalib : 0133399032

Any further inquiries, kindly email and check out Facebook USAHANITA


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