From Pilah to Istana Budaya, Teater Tanjong will Took the Stage this September 2022.

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From Pilah to Istana Budaya, Teater Tanjong will Took the Stage this September 2022. | One of the unique cultures in Malaysia lies in Negeri Sembilan where the community is practicing Adat Perpatih. Adat Perpatih is a much older living practice than Common Law which only started around 1066 AD. This custom comes from Minangkabau Nature. 

Perpatih custom was brought and adopted in Negeri Sembilan by nomads who started exploring this region around the 12th century. Although the Perpatih custom practiced by the inland communities of Negeri Sembilan has gone through a modification process, the basic principle of this custom still remains, which is to inherit descent based on the maternal or matrilineal lineage system.

As a isMalaysian I always love to know more about this culture and to hear that there will be a theater performance soon in Istana Budaya, everyone should grab the opportunity to witness this culture. From Pilah to Istana Budaya, Teater Tanjong will took the stage this September 2022. 

Grab your ticket now!

Behind Teater Tanjong

Tanjong Theater is a theater work produced by the Negeri Sembilan ASAR Theater Club. No one thought that the Negeri Sembilan ASAR Theater was initially just a small theater club in the town of Kuala Pilah and was driven by the actor's parents and family members involved, will now be staged on the largest and most prestigious theater stage in Malaysia, which is in Istana Budaya.

The ASAR Theater Club has been entrusted to stage the Tanjong theater at Istana Budaya and it will run from 9-11 September 2022. It is made up of 150 people including actors, musicians, dancers, martial artists behind the takbir, lighting and costume designers, tatarias and also managers stage. Also joined by 12 students and 28 primary and secondary school students.

Tanjong is a sulong manuscript and directed by Prof. Dr. Ahmad Rashidi Hasan. As the director and also the backbone of Tanjong, he hopes and is pleased to see this script raised to educate the public about the Adat Perpatih culture, in addition to dignifying the fading theater art. This theater stage is also the best platform for the community of ASAR children and teenagers out there to do beneficial activities.

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The Tanjong Theater also starred the legendary actor, Dato' Jalaluddin Hassan as Dato' Perdano Andika and was also joined by Cartoonist Ujang and folk singer and Negeri Sembilan legend Ulong Bakar.

The objective and goal of this staging is to provide a platform for teenagers and children, especially the ASAR community, to do beneficial activities, instill interest in artistic activities, and build self-confidence. Part of the profit from this theater is also channeled to help families and the education of ASAR children and those in need.

The Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, MOTAC is very satisfied, supportive and very excited with the seriousness shown by all those involved in the staging of Tanjong. As such, ASAR Theater Club of Negeri Sembilan has been awarded the Art and Culture Matching Grant for the success of the Tanjong theater performance at Istana Budaya. It is hoped that this undivided support will inject enthusiasm into the cast and also all those involved directly or indirectly to make the staging of Tanjong a success. 

The Negeri Sembilan ASAR Theater Club is also very pleased with the support and encouragement given by YAB Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan, YAB Dato' Seri Hj. Aminuddin Harun for the Tanjong theater and it will be able to strengthen the perpatih tradition. He was also very satisfied and proud of the journey of the Tanjong theater so that it could be performed at Istana Budaya for the public to see. The state government hopes that the staging of the Tanjong theater at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur will be successful as a result of the commitment of all parties involved.

The staging of this theater has also received the cooperation of Dato Eddin Syazlee Bin Shith, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Economy), UPSI, UiTM, Negeri Sembilan Tourism Board, Negeri Sembilan Museum Board of the State Department of Culture and Arts (JKKN) and the Budi Foundation. Also supported by Mycreative, Cendana and also PRISMA.

Theater Tanjong Synopsis

Tanjong tells about the crisis that Luak Tanjong went through when the Bugis and the Dutch attacked Johor, resulting in Datok Penghulu Luak Tanjong, Tok Nagho, having to sail to the Land of Minangkabau to seek the protection of Pagaruyung. In his absence, Tok Nagho appointed his son Baroq to be penghulu and asked Anjang, Baroq's close friend and future son-in-law, to take care of his behavior when he was with his daughter, Tanjong. 

However, on the way to Minangkabau, Tok Nagho died and left the government vacant. According to Perpatih custom, the reins of government must be handed over to Tok Pedano, but Baroq does not want to follow Perpatih custom and wants to continue to hold power. The uncertainty of this leadership led to disagreements and bloodshed in the Tanjong badger.

What conflict occurred? And what is the end?

...all will be answered in the staging of Tanjong at the Palace of Culture later. It must be fun and full of emotion, right? Don't forget to grab the tickets for this theater that will be happening from September 9 to 11. 

10% discount on the ticket price for early purchase until 1/8/2022. Theater tickets can also be found directly through the website:


For more information, contact ; Prof Dr. Ahmadrashidi, Sutradara: +60 11-6562 5009 | Norsyuhada Ahmadrashidi, Penerbit: +60 19-670 7943 

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