5 Tips to Encourage Children to Love Mathematics.

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10 Tips to Encourage Children to Love Mathematics.| Last week, my daughter brought home her test paper, and I found her math results were slightly weaker than in other subjects. It's actually something I’m not surprised about because she's more into art. 

Mathematics is one of the subjects in school that some students dislike the most. You can take an early step by introducing math concepts when he is still young. It's not to teach what algebra is or any difficult concepts, but you're just introducing numbers and simple concepts.

5 Tips to Encourage Children to Love Mathematics,

The following tips and methods can also be used by you at home to encourage children to love mathematics from an early stage.

5 Tips to Encourage Children to Love Math:

1. Integrate mathematics in daily activities.

Try to identify what games or activities our children like and include a mathematical element in the activity or game. For example, if a child likes to help us in the kitchen, ask him to measure water or sugar, or flour in a recipe. Also, ask the child to count the cups or plates according to the number of family members.

Addition and subtraction activities, for example, can occur in situations making a cake for example by asking questions like "Mother has put in three pieces of eggs into the mixture, how many eggs are there in the bowl/container? eggs? Mother can ask the little one to classify the clothes according to size, color, and so on. Do not make mathematics something separate from daily activities.

2. Make the early learning of mathematics meaningful and real.

learn math with groceries shopping,
learn math with groceries shopping

Make math activities meaningful in the real world. Normalize the element of mathematics in his daily life wherever he is. For example when taking the child to the store, ask him to read the price on the item, ask him to make a price comparison, or can also ask him to count the number of goods or fruits for example what parents want to buy. Apart from that, also get children used to reading recipes, counting coupons/receipts, etc.

3. Read story books that have a Mathematical theme

Try to find a children's storybook in the market that has elements of mathematics. Among the story books in English that are very good for fostering interest in mathematics in young children are Big Fat Hen by K. Baker (Book on counting and addition operations, as well as comparing and classification), How Many Bugs in a Box by D.A. Carter (Book about how making measurements) and many other books that can be found in the local market

4. Use the language of Mathematics

Try to use mathematical language in daily conversations with the little one. Used as daily spoken language when and aimed to teach him mathematical concepts at that time. Sometimes children are not interested in mathematics because they do not understand the language used by teachers or parents. 

Understand and use words like ("top", "bottom", "edge": "side", "outside", "inside", "left", "right", add, less, more and so on.) Use simple language and teachers or parents also use pictures as additional equipment to correct use of mathematical language.

5. Make math a game.

Make teaching mathematics to small children something that happens without direct and fun. Let the child feel that he is playing instead of playing to learn math. Make math a game - so parents can use various electronic devices in the form of mathematical toys or can also be used digital games and can also browse various websites as a game set or games. 

There is one math games website I discovered along my parenthood journey that excites my kids and resolves math problems. There are plenty of games in this Calculator Games Website you and your kids can play. The website is ad-free so you can play without the ads disturbance also there is a difficulty level you can choose depending on your kids math level or age. 

The top 3 games we enjoy most are :

1. Math Boy - learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division by solving equations that fight off monsters. Fun and easy with cute graphics, allowing students to learn one math operator at a time or practice multiple in conjunction.

math games website,

2. Arithmetic Game - select the operator which correctly solves the equation.

math arithmetic games website,

3. Math for Kids - children can use this web app to count the number of animals that, appear on the screen, choosing between a limit of 10 or 50. Learners can also select to learn addition, subtraction, or multiplication with limits of 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000.

easy math games website,

As a mother, if my kids are addicted to playing these games for hours I won’t be worried because I know they will succeed in their mathematics subject at school then. This fun way to learn mathematics but then mommies and daddies should be there to encourage them with their journey. Without your support, they will give up halfway.

Everything needs to be taught and led by you. We are our children's first teachers. Spend time with the children.

Good luck!

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  1. I Love Mathematics. Got A yeahh

  2. Bebudak sekarang kalau tak didik belajar matematik memang lemah laa, nasib ada juga game gaya kira-kira , so takde laa bosan kann, boleh asah minat..

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