Tasneem Marketplace: A Combination of 5 Brands to Help Housewife Generate Income.

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Tasneem Marketplace: A Collaboration of 5 Big Brands to Help Housewife Generate Income. |  During this economic crisis many started to find side income to support their needs and wanted. As someone who has 4 kids, I also found that our money value is really small nowadays and I have to struggle more to ensure my kids didn't feel hard growing up.

There is many way a housewife can generate income from home nowadays, but you have to find the right platform to join and also the passion to do it. As the world going online for everything, a marketplace also increasing.

puan haridah, tuan syah
Puan Haridah Sahri with Tuan Syah during the officiate launch

Tasneem Business Legacy introduced Tasneem Marketplace

Launching ceremony of Tasneem Marketplace,
Launching ceremony of Tasneem Marketplace

Tasneem Business Legacy, a company that carries the brands Tasneem Naturel, Tasneem Food, and Twobirds, which pioneers the business of baby products based on natural ingredients, has announced a new joint venture with several major Malaysian brands such as Tanamera, Aqiqah Centre, Pustaka Darul Iman (PDI)  Eyyoo through a merger in a new platform called Tasneem Marketplace.

Recently an event recently held at Bangi Golf Resort to officiate the launch of Tasneem Marketplace. 

5 Brands in Tasneem Marketplace
Signing ceremony

Tasneem Marketplace is a platform that gathers products under the family, children and baby niche. This joint venture was made in an effort to help people with moderate incomes to generate income without capital but have the opportunity to get high profits in addition to getting various attractive rewards.

In line with the objective to help housewives generate income easily and conveniently, Tasneem Marketplace welcomes individuals who are interested in moving forward with the TMP team to register as a TMP reseller for free. The TMP set a target to produce 10,000 entrepreneurs who successfully generate income through the platform provided by December 2022.

Advantages Being Tasneem Marketplace Reseller

5 Brands in Tasneem Marketplace
5 Brands in Tasneem Marketplace

Before we sign up to join the Reseller we should know the advantages when we join program right? So here are the advantages you can get when joining the reseller program that includes :
  • Free Register
  • No capital needed
  • HQ manages all postage
  • A marketing plan that helps to earn income easily
  • Quality products and already have their own market
  • Interesting rewards.
  • The bonus is paid on the 7th day of the following month
  • Income statement is prepared

Being their loyal customer in Tasneem Marketplace also will give you many advantages such as it also free register, you will get a minimum of 3% of cashback, commission, point collection, and also no worries as all products will send out by the HQ.

Hence, if you are interested to join their team, PLEASE GO TO THE PREVIEW SESSION or

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  1. Bagus juga ni yaaa.. boleh juga tambah duit jajan, rajin dan usaha je kann...

  2. Peluang tambah income dah ada ni. Terbaiklah Tasneem Marketplace!

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