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Dialogue in the Dark. | Can you imagine your life without your 5 senses especially your sight? How it is like to be in the dark and live in a life with the only color BLACK?

Operating hours

These are conditions that the visually impaired go through every day. However, this does not stop them from improving themselves as the days go by. This is proven by founder of Dialogue in The Dark (DiD) Malaysia, Stevens Chan Kum Fai, who suffered from Glaucoma and lost his visual sense of the world. The story does not end there, he was determined to bridge the gap between the visually impaired and the sighted public; hoping the latter would further appreciate the importance of sight.

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Dialogue in the Dark’s main purpose is to project awareness that there are no differences between “us” and “them”. Therefore, Dialogue in the Dark has come up with a few concepts that will allow the public to experience a 45 minutes journey through Mount Kinabalu, Petaling Street and Port Dickson without their sense of sight.

Glaucoma, Nuffnang, Dialogue in The Dark (DiD) Malaysia, Stevens Chan Kum Fai, dinner in the dark, experience dialogue in the dark, nuffnang event,

Visitors will then be welcomed to a dining experience in complete darkness known as Cuisine in the Dark, assisted by the guides of Dialogue in the Dark. Imagine dining without the aid of your sight, you won’t be able to see it; however the food will be extra flavoursome when your other senses are heightened!

This 2 hours experience will only cost you RM138 with a 45 minutes walk and full course of dining experience. Isn't that cool! and it is supercool for me when Nuffnang given me the opportunity to experience it for free..Thank you so much Nuffnang!

Glaucoma, Nuffnang, Dialogue in The Dark (DiD) Malaysia, Stevens Chan Kum Fai, dinner in the dark, experience dialogue in the dark, nuffnang event,

Our visit that day were begin with the briefing from the guide about our 45minutes journey in the dark.. Then we were separated into group where the first 10 people will entered the room first. While waiting for the first group session to end the guide entertain us with some game and of course the SIGHT SENSES is involved.

The journey in the dark begin with the briefing from the guide on how to use the magic stick. Then all the gadget are not allowed to be use during the session.. So in group of 10 we were guide to walk in the dark and the other senses then were fully utilized. At this moment you will be so grateful to had ear to listen and voice to speak.. Our first stop was at Mount Kinabalu and you never know it was a mountain.

The only dialogue when you were in the dark.

Then we were brought to cross the road, withdraw money with ATM machine and also shopping the groceries in a mall. Lastly we were brought to the beach and you will know it is a beach when you heard the sound of wave.

Briefing by the Guide.

After that were seated for our Cuisine in the Dark.. Before we ate we were entertained with more game with the guide. We also learned how to read the braille font eventhough I did not quite understand what it is written.. Haha..

The CEO and Guide also others churpies n nuffnangers.

The appertizer on that day was spring roll and Som Tam. Then the hot soup Tom Yam Gung.. Imagine eating n peeling the prawn in the dark.. But the big challenge was of cos the main course where I actually did not found my second side dishes on the plate until I were full and finished all my Chicken Green Curry..

It such a great experience to eat in the dark and indulge our food without seeing it. Even in the dark you can felt how good the food was.. After our ice cream arrived we were having one more game and after we succeeded we were given a light to see. It such a surprises to know that all of the guide we actually blind and partially blind. They were so good in handling us and you never expected that they were visually blind.

In the end DID really opened up our heart and soul to be more grateful of what we had and we should also be more concerns/help with the others that is less unfortunate.

Last but not least, thank you again Nuffnang!

Shamiera Osment

* Do check out DID at The School of Jaya One in PJ ya!

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