Dinner with Scha Al-Yahya and Bio-Essence.

shamiera osment
Dinner with Scha Al-Yahya and Bio-Essence. | Being a compers giving me the opportunity to had a great things in life and this time I had a chance to meet Scha Alyahya in person at Delicious Sunway Piramid. This great event we organized by Bio-Essence and Scha Alyahya is once again are their beauty ambassadors.
Dinner with Scha Al-Yahya and Bio-Essence.

The great menu.. :)

The event starts at 7pm and I of cos had to went early to avoid traffic jam from Damansara to Sunway. Serik sgt last week stuck dlm jam dpn OU smp xsempat na ke premiere screening The Equalizer with Budiey.. sedihhhh uols!

Carrot cake

The food of the day!

Scha is a punctual person because she arrives on time but everyone was actually so excited to see her daughter Lara with her husband Awal...hihi... but then Scha went to every table greet everyone and of cos all the guest are so excited to take the selfie with her..huhu

with Scha

But me xrajin nak berselfie pulak that night..haha.. then weols terus take picture with the beautiful daughter and her daddy...

Awal and Lara

with baby Lara n Awal

After the opening session about Scha and her life and also her experience with Bio-Essence, the dinner is served. 

Delicious food from Delicious!

During the makan session we were demonstrate by the Bio-Essence staff on how to apply the Bio-Essence products step by step.. Yup to be beauty you had to do the routine step by step everyday!

Makeup demonstration

Scha interview session

After that, the photo session continued till end...

Beautiful Family...

Bio Essence team

With others winner and the media

The beauty Scha

great goodies! Yay

Thank you Bio-Essence for the opportunity to be here in this nice dinner...

Ok next post should be the review of this beauty product, Bio-Essence Tanaka White... Lovelies!

Beauty Bloggers,

Shamiera Osment

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