Movie Review : Annabelle

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Movie Review : Annabelle. | Last night was so awesome because I had a fun time with my BFF watching The Annabelle and meet the Annabelle cosplay..hihi... and of cos I had to thank to Nuffnang , Budiey and for let me win this great movie passes! Nampak tak kegigihan nak tengok cite Annabelle ni.. I love Horror movie and I bet ghost hate me ! LOL!

Before Conjuring, there was Annabelle... So Conjuring mmg awesome kan? Annabelle so so je la.. sebab the ghost was actually the Satan, (of cos la hantu tu syaitan kan?)kikiki..i mean what are so afraid of the doll? Annabelle doll tu xde pon wat aksi tersenyum pon..sila jgn chuak memandangnya... and there is no demonic possession in the movie... Me mmg la suka tgk org kena rasuk ni..since sekolah lagi kot.. hihi.. rase sgt thrill... But then, this movie had a few scene that me feel goosebumps... and my BFF yg penakut ni pon dok tutup muka je.. huhu..

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Annabelle was a story of a beautiful couple who are waiting for their newborn child. Before their daughter were born, there was an incident in the house that summon the Satan to after them. Lot of thing happened after their daughter were born where it begin the thrill of this movie. 

Conclusion don't expect too much with this haunted doll because it had the happy ending.. haha...

Nuffnang,, Premiere With Budiey, nuffnang premiere screening, annabelle movie review,

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