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FOOD GASM FEST were held on 12 October 2014 at Taman Lembah Kiara, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail...  it was my first time joining this foodie fest and I absolutely amazed with this fest... Its a FOOD FEST and FOODIE love FOOD!

So getting to the fest its a madness because of it parking space and you had to walk far to get in for the food... So dah nampak makanan-makanan tu pon perut mula menyanyi riang...laporrrr...

Menempel jap kt cnie...

Curside Cantina was my dream concept to sell food... 

There's a lot of food stall opened here with different style from the truck or even the food stall..

So you can find a lots of foods with a great concept and style from the Malaysian food to the Western and Korean. From the big crazypuff for appetizer to the dessert in a vase...

I actually ended up here due to my sister who helping her friends selling their food from the Best Goats and Sheeps!

 Their stew were honestly superb with their fresh meats ( absolutely fresh from their own farm!) and roasted lamb also were delicous! Zahra mkn Bonda punya roasted lamb sampai habis..huhu

The kambing bakar!

Fateh with his garlic bread.  

 Tips when you here brings all your picnic items because there is no table and chair provided... You can berpiknik anywhere you like..

Queue for drinks!
 But then too bad for this fest its you had to wait too long just to bought a bottle of soda because the organizer was the only one who selling the drinks... and lots of people are actually bought their own drinks to the fest.. good for them.. :)

Celebrity Masterchef Zamir also here!

The good food meats and ribs! 
 Unfortunately I cant be there all day and have to go back early as I had to entertain my husband auntie who came from Terengganu... huhu.. too bad for me...

Mini stage
Ok next year I will definitely be here as the food vendor... 

I Love Food!

Shamiera Osment

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