Dia... Isteri Luar Biasa

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Dia... isteri luar biasa is a hit drama that currently screening on TV3 everyday at 7pm-8pm. The drama is an adaptation from a novel write by Umie Nadzimah...

novel Dia... Isteri Luar Biasa Drama

"Dia isteri luar biasa" means she is an amazing wife... Am I an amazing wife? I don't think so... LOL!

Dia... Isteri Luar Biasa

But I do know a really amazing wife in my life... Woman A is an amazing wife... She live with a really fierce husband... Her everyday is not like any other ordinary woman... She have to wake up as early in the morning to settle her children needs before she gets to work and that is include to bath her 2 children, iron the cloth and prepare her children breakfast... Later that she has to walk to another block to send her child to the nursery... Later that she has to take a bus and changing train to work.. But her effort never be appreciated by her husband...

doa dalam kesusahan, dua in hardship, dua for husband and wife,

She was a rude wife before this but she has learn her lesson when she found that her husband have another affair with another woman... She try to change to save her family... but her effort was useless, her husband never appreciate it.. She will be slap and beat by him even because of simple thing.. this man is so cruel and heartless...

Apart of that this amazing wife still waiting for the rainbow after a hard storm..stick with her husband even her family against it... She love her husband dearly and still hoping he will become better...

doa dalam kesusahan, dua in hardship

No one knows when the rain and storm will stop... IAllah the Almighty plan... He knows the best... We as the human should never loose hope to Him...

Everyone lets pray for this amazing woman to received for her happiness soon...

I Wanna Be a Good Wife,

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