#Cabaran20Hari : Exchange Food During Ramadhan?!

Assalamualaikum n hi everyone...

When I was a kid, my mom really loves to cook and she made almost everything that we wanted to eat... and because the neighbourhood is near to each other we always exchange food with our neighbour.

Nowadays, exchanging food is not a routine anymore... People care less the benefits and value of it.. but then my neighbour Nenek always send us her great Masak Lemak Nangka.. I love it to the max!

bertukar makanan, exchange food with neighbour,
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Unfortunately my mother are rarely cooks nowadays, so Nenek did not use any container when she sent us her dishes.. She is using plastic bag instead..haha Poor Nenek, I guess she never expect anything in return anymore...

That is a story back in my home town.. But at my house in PJ things are more different.. 
This good routine are rarely happened because we did not even close with our neighbour... It is sad things when the good things can't be preserved anymore...

bertukar makanan, exchange food with neighbour,
source : google

Somehow during this Ramadhan if you working late at the office, you should make the exchange food a good habit.. Don't be selfish instead... Brings more food and share it with your colleagues.. 

This good thing really help to build the relationship with others!

Live Life Exchange Food Group! ^_^

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  1. ingat exchange feed group tadi... nak sama dah bunyi

  2. Masih ada budaya dan amalan bertukar juadah ni, cuma dah tak seperti dulu...

  3. kat tempat saya stay skrg takde exchange ni..out of coverage

  4. Rindunya dengan masak lemak nangka.. ;)

  5. budaya bertukar juadah semakin pupus sekarang..


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