Assalamualaikum everyone...

Do you still remember the first time you did Taraweeh? Did you having fun or not?

My taraweeh start as early as I'm in primary school.. I remember doing a very long prayer back when I was 7 years old.. I never completed it and end up sleeping at the back... But as far as I remembered I never play during the solat... Maybe I'm too afraid to be scolded by my dad..haha

My unforgotten memory during my childhood taraweeh is do a lot of prayer because I heard people said your dua during Ramadhan are effectual.. and there was a time I really adore Lindsay Lohan. I do a lots of Dua during my taraweeh to be beautiful like her..hahaha

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This year I only managed to do Taraweeh Prayer for a couple of days because it is hard to do a Taraweeh with my young and hopeless kids.. El-Fateh keep on missing and doing extreme thing during the Taraweeh... 

Hopefully I managed to meet next Ramadhan and hopefully during that time I will have the opportunity to do my Taraweeh perfectly and dear parent lets teach our kids to do Taraweeh as early as you can.. It will be a great practice right?

Salam Ramadhan Kareem...

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