#Cabaran20Hari : My Great Experience on Ramadhan

By shamiera osment - 12:31:00

Assalamualaikum n hi everyone...

Another day in Ramadhan and it is another entry for #Cabaran20Hari from EFG... Have you read my saddest thing on Ramadhan ? Good things always happened on Ramadhan too.. 

My greatest experience on Ramadhan was having a baby boy on the 27th of Ramadhan, 2013... 

It was a plan birth even though is a normal birth..Do you wanna my tips? But then it surely Allah greatest power...

During that year, my husband still working as a cook at Hospital Klang, and you know how hard for him to get a Hari Raya leave? It will once in a blue moon.. You have to wait for your turn, and it will once in 5 years...huhu..how sad is that?

So, I wanted to celeberate Hari Raya with my husband eventhogh I have to be on my confinement period, it is okay.. Night before El-Fateh were born, me and my husband decide to make 'air selusuh'.. My husband made it by himself with the recipe from google..hihi.. So I drink it a sip after Isyak prayer and another sip during Sahur... Amazingly I felt contraction on the day after.. Me and my husband decide to talk a walk first at Tesco.. When I was a Tesco, my hand start to swollen and I said to my husband maybe I need to go to the doctor...

I went to PPUM, and doctor check, I was 4 inched opened.. Doctor ask me if I want to Balik Kampung for Raya? I said of course..  :).. so doctor manually broke my water, and the contraction began extremely.. After 3 hours in the labour room, El-Fateh was born.. Alhamdulillah..it was a smooth experience..

El-Fateh Muhammad bin Zureen Azwan Ezani...born on 28 Ramadhan 1434 Hijrah/ 6 August 2013 with 2.905gm on 1717

Just so you know I still on fasting when I'm in the labour room..and I only had my drink after finished all the operation in the labour room..huhu.. I'm so thirsty.. I just don't know why I did not break fasting before went to the labour room..hahaha

1st Eid Day n 3rd Day Confinement Period,Hazab tak muka?hahaha

But that was the precious experience I had during Ramadhan...

I Miss the Smell of Newborn.. :P

Salam Alaikh..

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  1. selamat petang..kalau nak shopping raya jangan lupa singgah blog syira lokman..banyak promosi tauuu ! :D

  2. Selamat menjalani ibadah puasaa 😄

  3. Ami..husband yoorin pon cook jugak kat hotel.. sedih..tahun ni tahun ke-2 tak dapat beraya.. =( beraya berdua dengnan anak kat kampung dah rasa macam single mother je.. uhukuhukkk.. nangisssss..,

    El-fateh baby ramadhan ye.. =)

    1. ami pon gitu gak yoorin time first n 2nd year tu..huhu..sadis...

  4. Sedapnyaa nama dia. El Fateh :D

  5. pilihan nama yang baik. pengalaman yang menarik ketika ramadhan

    1. tq abg arz.. semoga dia mbesar spt el-fateh.. hihi