Eid Mubarak 2015!

shamiera osment

Happy Eid Mubarak 2015!

I would love to wish every Muslim around the world Happy Eid Mubarak 2015... Hope this Syawal will bring you happiness and forgiven...

This year Eid Mubarak I'm celebrated it at my husband hometown.. such a simple celebration.. and of course nothing is better if you compare to your own hometown right? #senyumkambing

Kanda Auntie's Home

Anyway Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin...

Salam Kosong-Kosong Everyone!


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  1. Happy Aid Mubarak...
    Cantik kombinasi warna baju, hehe
    Betul tu, beraya kat rumah sendiri lagi best...

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