#Cabaran20Hari : Saddest Tragedy in Ramadhan

shamiera osment

Everyone sure have bitter and sweet memories alongside their life right? On this entry I would love to share the bitter memory in Ramadhan that always fresh in my memory...

I have lost 2 beloved people in my life during Ramadhan...

First is my auntie, back on to years 90's.. My late Mak De, suffer breast cancer..she suffer for so long after removed one of her breast... and on the holy month of Ramadhan she's gone..leaving all the love one behind..

Second is my grandmother, she passed away on the month of Ramadhan, during my Degree time.. Back on that time, the month of Ramadhan was full of sadness.. I remember visiting her at HKL because she was warded and she has to loose one of her leg due to diabetics. An emotional month for us because every family members have to face to loose her anytime.. And on the last day of Ramadhan she passed away... It was a sad day ever because she's gone after iftar and the Eidulfitri Takbir were heard later than. On the first Syawal, we have to attend her funeral and of cos that the worse Hari Raya ever...

arwah wan

But then life must go on... Hope this Ramadhan will bring me happiness...


P/S : My mom bloodline had too many history of cancer.. I should be aware too right?

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  1. Al fatihahh.. Smoga arwah ditempatkan dkalangan beriman

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