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This year will be the last year I’ll be in the 2 series age, next year I’ll be much older. Even though I’m getting older I wish I still had the chance to fulfil my goal to contribute to the community and others.

During my National Service on 2004, there were 3 stage modules we have to complete, where one of them is do the Community Service. During community service program, there is a lot thing that I learn and experiences such as helping painting the fence of an old flat, helping the government clinic with their jobs and etc.

national service, khidmat negara
Picture of me and my friends during the community services in government clinic.

As I’m growing up with the great stories from the great communities and family, I always hope that I can join to contribute to the fortunate. For instance, my great idol with this community services is the Late Lady Diana. Her community services was a great example and she was a great noble. Apart of her in Malaysia there is also good contributor that doing the community services such as Tuan Dr. Raja Shamri who is great contributor during the flood issue in Kelantan last year. There are also others such as Heliza Helmi, Afdlin Shauki who doing the community services away from home, such as in Indonesia and Palestine. This people are really such inspiration who helped people without requesting anything in return.

In order to be good volunteers there is many things that I have to do achieve it. Firstly, I need to be a great participant in the social community who are looking for volunteers and others. But then, with my 2 small babies, my family is my top priorities right now.

Secondly, did you know to become a good volunteer I need to have a lot of money? So this could be an issue for me too…hihihi… but still I’m working out on this..

I need to overcome these two obstructions to reach my goal, but then there is another option that I choose to do. I become a volunteer and doing my community service using the social networks and my blog. I’m currently doing the job to spread the news and good cause to encourage others to participate and contribute to it. I hope that my blog will give benefit to others as long as it existed.  

An example of my community service within my blog.

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  1. Laju eh p1? Biasa pakai streamyx.

  2. memang pernah menggunakan P1, internet dan kualiti sangat baik.
    Lagi baik bagi mereka yang selalu travel.

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