Be More Younger and Firmer with Jamu Ratu Emas.

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Be More Younger and Firm with Jamu Ratu Emas. | This year, I'll turn 36 years old, and this few month my weight is gaining like there is no full stop of it. Haha I guess that is what happened when you get old and your metabolism is lesser. But still, mommy like me want to look montok (firm) and kembali dara (like a virgin) at this age. It is not for anyone else, it's for my husband and of course for my own self-confidence.

Working as a blogger requires me to meet with people and gaining weight does make my confidence level down. Thus taking supplements is one of the options to maintain a firm and healthy body aside from having a good diet and regular exercise. I have to consume Jamu for years, and my current favorite Jamu is from Jamu Ratu Emas.

Montok dengan jamu ratu emas,

Jamu Ratu Emas from ReBEAUTY 

Jamu Ratu Emas from ReBEAUTY has been in the market since 2021. All ReBEAUTY products are inspired by nature, offering a wide variety of quality natural extracts and ingredients from around the world. ReBEAUTY is evolving to help women and men to solve their problems in the shortest possible time. 

Jamu Ratu Emas is one of the core products from ReBeauty that is made from natural ingredients that include; Kacip Fatimah, Manjakani, Serapat Tree, and Turmeric. 

It is also FREE from Prohibited Substances such as; Hormones, Preservatives, Gluten, GMO, Antibiotic, and Chemicals

This product also PASSED ALL LAB TEST, certified from KKM, HALAL, GMP and it is UNDER PHARMACEUTICAL: MAL16110048TC. So it is safe to consume without any worries.

Jamu ratus emas review,

The Benefits of Jamu Ratu Emas :

Jamu is a traditional medicine but have consume for decade and have been proven to gave many benefits to woman. I also found out that my body are healthier after I consuming this Jamu Ratu Emas.

Jamu Ratu Emas have many benefits that can helps woman includes :
  • Tighten miss v
  • Treat the problem of miss v itching
  • Treats vaginal discharge & excessive mucus problems
  • Eliminates bad smells
  • Reduces menstrual cramps/menstruation
  • Improving the menstrual cycle
  • Breasts are plumper
  • The back is more elastic & round
  • Increases energy in the body
  • Stay Young

Consuming Jamu Ratu Emas.

Jamu ratus emas review,

How Old Can Take Jamu Ratu Emas?

Jamu Ratu Emas is suitable to be practiced as early as 16 years old and above.

Menstruation Time :

During your period time, it is advisable not to consume it because the body's absorption system during this is low and weak. So if you consume Jamu Ratu Emas Capsule during this time, the nutrients will be wasted because it will only absorb 80% of the nutrients.

Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mom :

Jamu Ratu Emas is not recommended for pregnant mothers for the sake of the baby's health. It is better to just focus on the intake of supplements and medications prescribed by a doctor only.

But for bf mom, they can consume after the baby is 2 months old and above because Jamu Ratu Emas can help to shrink the womb as well as add more breast milk to mommies.

Jamu ratus emas review,

How to Take :

1 Bottle contains 30 capsules and it is advised to take 2 pills in the morning every day after breakfast.

You also should drink more water and avoid excessive caffeine and sugar intake.

So ladies don't forget to eat 2 Jamu Ratu Emas every day ok. When you consume it consistently, without skipping, you'll be surprised with the result. You can feel your skin feel moister and our women's assets are more tense and elastic but of course, is not like inserting silicone in it. It means that our assets that are sagging due to age change or having breastfed the baby will feel the elasticity slowly.

The same goes for the skin. Slowly it will feel moister. When the skin is not dry, the skin automatically becomes more beautiful and looks more flawless.

Why slowly? Because this Jamu Ratu Emas is 100% natural herbal and it will treat the body and hormones according to their respective bodies.

If you are interested to grab this Jamu Ratu Emas, you can purchase it at this price :

1 x bottle = RM129 
2 x bottle = RM258

1x bottle = RM80 free postage 
2x bottle = RM150 free postage

FREE GIFT: RANDOM (for time-limited is makeup kit & perfume)

Jamu ratus emas review,

Buy it Online at :

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  1. Bahan-bahan dia mmg bahan2 selamat

  2. Jamu mcm ni senang sikit nak amalkan... Kalau yg jenis minum tuu aduhhh seriauuuu 😂😂

  3. Kandungan bahan dia bagus, boleh cuba ni.. keputihan ni kalau boleh biar dirawat, jangan dibiarkan...

  4. wah,not bad! Makin sihat menganciam la ini maciammm

  5. kak azni rasa .. nak kena cari jugak jamu ni. tak pernah lagi try tau.. dah nak umur 50 dah nih

  6. best product, I like... kerana membantu betulkan kitaran haid dan masalah hormon

  7. bagus amalkan jamu untuk kesihatan dalaman, untuk badan sendiri jugak lagi pun badan kita nak pakai lama

  8. Bagus sebenarnya siapa-siapa yang amalkan jamu ini. Untuk dalaman jadi lebih sihat.

  9. Now consume jamu is more easier than before since it is in capsule form. And good thing about the Jamu Ratu Emas, the ingredients are safe and it has Halal cert.

  10. Jamu mmg bagus utk dalaman, tapi kena sentiasa banyakkan minum air

  11. 100% bahan natural, memang mantaplah hasilnya walaupun x cepat. Janji selamat di amalkan. Jamu idaman wanita ni.

  12. Jamu memang bagus untuk kesihatan dalaman wanita. Beza sangat dengan supplemen dan vitamin.. orang perempuan memang digalakkan ambil jamu walaupun amalkan suplemen.

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