Easy Tips to Wean Off Your Kids.

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Easy Tips to Wean Off Your Kids. | My El Ghazy turns 2 this month and we celebrated his birthday last Saturday. El Ghazy is fully breastfeeding and only sometimes he will ask for a bottle of milk, but he only drinks a few sips of it. He can't finish even 3 ounces of formula milk, and that makes me worried about it.

But sometimes when I went to my sister's house, he will spend his time playing and will ask for a drink in the cup, and kept repeating drink from the cup only. He will ask for breastfeeding only he is really sleepy. Hence, weaning is not easy when your kids are attached with you 24 hours right?

Tips to wean off your kids,

Weaning is when you stop breastfeeding your child.

Some children are more attached to breastfeeding than other children are. They’ll all wean in their own time. But if you don’t want to wait for your child to wean on their own, weaning can happen when you’re ready, and as for me, I think I'm tired to breastfeed my son already and I need more space to do other things.

Weaning: planning ahead

Weaning is likely to be a big change for your child. For many older children, breastfeeding is more about security and comfort than about food, so weaning can be quite stressful. Weaning off is not an easy task and it takes a lot of effort and courage from mother.

Traditional weaning tips.

The traditional tips for weaning usually required the mom to applied something on the nipple to make kids feel eww with tits and stop breastfeeding. Some choose to use traditional tips for weaning. And some have managed to use those tips. And this tip takes a much faster time for some kids, but in my case, my kids will clean my nipple and then continue breastfeeding. haha

So here is some of the things you can try applied to your nipple as traditional way :

1. Javanese acid

2. Garlic/onion

3. Lime musk

4. Bitter gout

5. Baby toothpaste

6. Bitter coffee

7. The root of patawali is seriously bitter

8. Concentrated syrup - to make it look like blood and mommy is hurt

9. Betel leaves

Whatever your choice, the goals are all the same right? My mom succeeds in using toothpaste for my brother a long time ago. Hopefully, other mothers will also succeed in doing the weaning process later, ok.


How to wean your toddler,

1. Don't Offer

When the mother decides to wean or wean off, don't offer the little one. You have to set your goal and be determined by it. This is the first important step!

2. Distract the Little One

Ok if you don't offer, but then the little one asks you need to divert his attention with other things. Play with them, invite them to watch a movie. 

Distraction! Divert their attention, so that they forget for a moment.

You need to remember it is a process. So, from 10 times direct feeding. Maybe it can be reduced to 8 times, then to 6, and so on.

3. Delay!

When the child asks for BF and we have diverted his attention, then they will ask for that delicious mother's milk again, right?

Don't panic!

You can give it but you again distract him/her and delay the process. And while doing that, you can standby bottle milk near them so they can drink the bottle of milk if they are really thirsty.

4. Time Out.

When night comes, and the little one also started to cuddle to breastfeed, Mommies can make time out.

For example, "you can suck, but only for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes, mama will pull my nipple."

Maybe the first time didn't work but then try again and again and again.

5. Persuasion!

When it is time to sleep or time to eat, talk to the child. Don't think they don't understand. Tell them.

"You've grown up, grown-up don't drink milk from mommies anymore. You should drink from the bottle, it will be cooler. " 

Repeat the process again and again. If the time is not on TV, they suddenly ask, do the time out or distract them. But if you see that the child is very anxious, don't tour their emotions. We want to wean off slowly, and the process does take time.

6. Talk While Sleeping

This technique is good for almost everything, from wanting to stop breastfeeding to wanting to persuade children to pray. When they sleep in the semi-conscious realm, massage and wipe their foreheads while saying.

"You're grown-up, you don't need to drink from mommy's breast anymore okay, you drink from a bottle only okay ?"

Repeat several times and do it in a row for 21 days. They will remember the lessons. 

7. Pray!

When we have done everything, pray to god. Our hearts and children hold by Him. Ask for your journey to be made easier. 

Breastfeeding prayer, and can be used for a child’s bad habits like sucking his feet / obsessing with his bad pillows. This prayer is shared by Ustaz Haron Din.

Prayer for weaning

doa cerai susu,

How to pray for weaning is easy to do:-

1. Read Al-Fatihah

2. Read prayer above

3. Blow on the place (mouth/pillow/fingers) >>> please see the prayer above.

So thicken your heart and time out a little child. 

Then persuade the little one, and during this journey, you need the help of your husband or family to calm the little one! Maybe by taking them for a walk and looking at the lights so they fall asleep etc. And always stand by another substitute like finger foods, bottled milk, or milk box to make them full with it.

In my experience, my first daughter, wean off easily and I guess I don't have to persuade or force her in many ways. But the second is hard, and he cried a lot before he stop breastfeeding. The third one is quite easy because I had to go to Sarawak for 5 days and after got back home, he didn't ask for breastmilk anymore. And the fourth one is quite challenging because Bonda is around 24hours.

Remember mummy, once you don't succeed doesn't mean you fail. The right time will come and never give up on it. But do ensure to make it slowly and don't hurt their feeling okay? I hope I can wean off El Ghazy soons, wish me luck.

Have fun and good luck!

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  1. Memang agak stress juga kalau nak putuskan susu anak yaa.. adik Sis alaminya sebab dah lebih dua tahun.. macam-macam dia buat, akhirnya demam sakit tekak, terus berhenti sendirinya...

  2. Good tips for sharing. Tapi tulah, saya tak merasa momen anak nak wean off macam ni.

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