Dr.Azizan Osman will Share 10 Challenges in Business After Pandemic Entrepreneur Should Know in Telegram Live Session this Sunday.

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Dr. Azizan Osman will Share 10 Challenges in Business After Pandemic Entrepreneur Should Know in Telegram Live Session this Sunday. | Who doesn't know with Dr.Azizan Osman from RichWorks Academy who has succeeded in mentoring many successful entrepreneurs in Malaysia. And this 2022, the Pandemic that will become Endemic soon, has created many challenges to the business owner.

But if you will be given an opportunity to learn more about the challenge, you should grab it and the sharing session is given by a proven mentor in the business field. If you are still not familiar with RichWorks let me share with you some stories about them.

telegram live session datuk wira azizan osman,

About RichWorks

RichWorks International is a multinational company that is the organizer of Southeast Asia’s largest entrepreneurship seminar. Their expertise is in the Entrepreneurship Training industry covering marketing, sales, accounting, taxation, compliance, business operations, human resource management, and leadership.

RichWorks, which was established in 2008, has gained various international recognitions and broke records in producing the most successful entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Among the best records is that in 2020, a total of 777 small and medium enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs from within and outside the country managed to create a record when generating sales of more than RM2 billion through the SPIRE & TITANIUM Mentoring Program.

RichWorks was started from a humble beginning by Dr Azizan Osman, Personal Development Coach & Success Mentor No. 1 Malaysia. In just a few years, RichWorks has become the largest personal development and professional coaching & coaching company in Malaysia and has now successfully coached more than 10,000 companies through Master Coach Azizan Osman and more than 1,500,000 participants in over 1,500 live and online events and seminars ( Virtual Online). Guided by a track record, RichWorks’s proven business strategy and mentoring program has successfully helped build thousands of successful entrepreneurs and millionaires in 6 - 24 months.

Who is Datuk Wira Dr. Azizan Osman?

richworks international success story,

Among entrepreneurs, they are very familiar with the name of Datuk Wira Dr. Azizan Osman. For those who do not know him, this is the Founder and Chairman of RichWorks who has helped more than 700 thousand participants through programs organized directly through RichWorks International, a company he led since 2008.

He is an individual who started his life career modestly and is now recognized as a world-class coach by the International Coach Guild (ICG) in the areas of business, marketing, leadership, and mastery of self-potential. He has an incredible ability to influence the positive change of an individual to produce the best work as well as be an effective and exceptional team.

Not only that, but he has also helped thousands of entrepreneurs and millionaires to succeed through his practical, simple, and proven effective strategies and formulas and has written more than 10 books on business, marketing, and mastering one’s potential. Since 2015, through the High Net Worth Coaching Program with the Titanium group, Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman has provided guidance to more than 700 millionaire entrepreneurs in the development and growth of their extraordinary businesses. The total estimated annual sales for this group of entrepreneurs has reached RM1.5 billion.

Don’t think this year 2022 is business getting easier! 10 critical business challenges now!

harga barang naik 2022,

The beginning of this year has been so dramatically bad when staple food prices are increasing, many were affected by this price. From an individual, family, or even business owner, the market price that has been increasing gave challenges to survive. 

Thus, Entrepreneur Mentor, Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman will share his perspective on 10 business challenges, after the pandemic 2022 in a Live Session on the Azizan Osman Official Telegram channel, this Sunday, at 8 am.

Dr Azizan Osman shared that from many things he studied in the last 2 weeks such as market sentiment, inflation rate with the increase in the price of goods that he had expected and even mentioned in August last year. The increase in some items is seen around 30% to over 100% at the moment.

Therefore, it is critical for us to have this awareness, especially those who are running a business because it is not easy this year. 

Dr Azizan Osman said that: " Yesterday, I had the opportunity with a group of Chinese company owners and businessmen that indeed many companies are closing or already in scope. Although these traders have factories in China, they do not see what needs to be done, other than not being good at marketing.

I also realize that actually starting a business from scratch is quite difficult when asked by an entrepreneur in construction, what is a good business at the moment?

The first time, I didn’t know what to give an answer to. But I realize that for those who have a business at the moment and keep doing it as usual, then he will ‘die’!

This is because the market is moving slowly and people are not spending as aggressively as before. If you stay with normal effort, you will die and if you stay small you will die out. "

titan group under richworks international,

Somehow, if you are a Titanium under Dr Azizan Osman guidance, you have to be grateful because you had a great mentor that will always guide you. He also said a Titan under his guidance should not be ungrateful if you don’t do exactly what he teaches to grow.

While there are some very aggressive Titans, fighting really hard to grow and maintain momentum. If you know some Titan from RichWorks International, I guess you will know some who are really successful have non-stop marketing efforts, and do grow successful events during the pandemic.

Likewise, the market is now slow and people are more cautious to buy. If you are slow from the market then just wait to 'die'. Even like me, I stop buying unnecessary items and do start saving for the future that we don't know yet. And as an entrepreneur, you have to appreciate what you have now, do it better, and be more aggressive.

Imagine if you yourself had to start a new business from scratch, what could be done? For those who already have a business, you already know the market, just 'lazy' to engage again.

When the market is slow then you need to be faster, use all available platforms. If you are scared, you will be left behind, said Dr Azizan Osman.

Join Dr Azizan Osman Telegram Live Session, Sunday at 8am.

telegram live session datuk wira azizan osman.

The early bird got the worms, and Dr. Azizan Osman always shared in his talk about how waking up early in the morning will give us more blessing in what we do. Hence, the sharing session this Sunday will start as early as 8am.

Let's find out together the 10 Challenges in Business After Pandemic with Dr. Azizan Osman this Sunday. The live session should be joined by all especially entrepreneurs, and business owners who still do not see the way at this time.

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