How Asyraf Khalid Can Be Successful? Datuk K Reveals The Secret Behind It.

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How Asyraf Khalid Can Be Successful? Datuk K Reveals The Secret Behind It. | Datuk K is a well-known successful businessman who married the legendary artist Siti Nurhaliza. His son, Asyraf Khalid also a well-known man who married a beautiful Indonesia and has been successful in their business Mutyara.

It is actually not easy for Asyraf Khalid to build his business, and Mutyara that been successful today took more than 4 years to be in his comfort zone. Recently, Datuk Seri Khalid Mohamad Jiwa or Datuk K reveals that the change of Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza's stepson, Asyraf Khalid, was due to Entrepreneur Mentor, Datuk Wira Dr Azizan Osman, his Mentor in RichWorks Academy.

In a video shared by Asyraf yesterday, Datuk K expressed his appreciation to Azizan who was able to change and guide his son not only in business but also in life in just 3 years.

datuk k birthday celebration,

According to Asyraf, the speech was made during dinner and in conjunction with his father's birthday celebration at his parents' house last Monday.

“Making him proud of me has been a‘ big why ’all along. Alhamdulillah, everything changed when I met my Mentor who really changed Mutyara's business, even lived and gave me a lot of better perspectives," he said in the post which was watched by almost 15,000 people in just a few hours.

From a naughty Boy to a Successful Businessman.

Asyraf used to be a naughty boy and always disappointed his father and felt that he was very unsuccessful. Asyraf added, he understood that his journey was still far but he was very grateful for his father's expression for the first time in front of his own mentor.

“I would like to thank my father who raised me like this, always gave me guidance, did not give me pleasure, and always believed despite many failures in life.

“I take that failure as a lesson and thank the Mentor who was able to unleash the potential that is in me,” he explained.

titan circle richworks,

Datuk Wira Azizan is The Best Mentor-Asyraf Khalid.

In the meantime, Asyraf sees Azizan as the best mentor for himself who not only guides on business but also holistically includes leadership and interpersonal relationships with the One.

“The good values ​​among Azizan’s and RichWorks protégés make him even better. Even though they have achieved success at a good level with sales of millions of ringgit, he still has a low profile, they are not shy to share knowledge and the right thing to do," he said.


mutyara jamu award,
Asyraf Khalid and Tya Ariffin

Meanwhile, Datuk K in his speech was also jealous and impressed by Azizan's ability to produce many millionaire entrepreneurs.

“I am also jealous and impressed with Azizan, because he has the ability to build many millionaires which I cannot do.

“Imagine this millionaire that Azizan guided, can remember God, worship, give alms from the results of their success, I believe part of the reward will come back to him because of the results of his guidance, education, and guidance.

“Azizan led them all, showed them where to drain, where to step, where to jump, you all (millionaire entrepreneur friends) are very lucky. I didn't get all this when you were your age and time to start a business, ” he explained.


dr azizan with asyraf khalid,

Meanwhile, Datuk K also reminds successful entrepreneurs not to forget the individuals who are still crawling and working hard to achieve success.

“Don't forget other communities, there are also people out there who are not successful like us, don't be too proud and ego, but 'be humble, more humble and more humble', teach them to achieve success, "he said.

From my experience in Datuk Azizan class and sharing, many of the successful entrepreneurs especially the Titan team shared how grateful there are for learning with Datuk Wira Azizan Osman. I also found that Datuk Wira Azizan Osman is a good man that always teaches us not to forget about Him and always gave value to others.

Ramadan is coming faster than we think, and I hope all the entrepreneurs took the steps and find good guidance to make money this Ramadan. Ramadan is a holy month and with rezki, you need to grab the opportunity and do learn it from an experienced mentor like Dato Wira Azizan Osman. You definitely won't regret it if act fast.

Do it now, sometimes later becomes never!


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  2. From a naughty Boy to a Successful Businessman. Sudah cukup menampakkan 'HIJRAH' beliau. Legasi perlu diteruskan. Terbaik laaaa

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