New Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Face Mask the Himaya H99.

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New Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Face Mask the Himaya H99. | As we living in the pandemic era, the face mask is one of the essential items to help you stay safe when you are outside your house. One of my favorite Hijab face masks is definitely from the Himaya. It is easy to use and so comfortable to wear.

Recently, Himaya release the version of Hijab face mask due to demand from the market. Singer Nabila Razali who was newly appointed ambassador of Himaya Premium Hijab Medical Face Mask (Himaya) is thankful for the appointment, as Himaya is not an ordinary face mask but made for the benefit of health.
Nabila Razali with Himaya H99,
Nabila Razali with Himaya H99

It benefits consumers in curbing the spread of the Covic-19 epidemic. Nabila said, in this pandemic situation, the wearing of face masks is very important and people must choose the right face masks for health care.

"Don't forget that just keeping your mouth shut is ok but that is not enough for the protection of ourselves, our families, and the people around us," she said.
Nabila Razali himaya H99 face mask,
Nabila Razali with Himaya H99

Himaya H99 is the latest release for this season which is the first specially designed along with a metal strip with a soft anti-sweat sponge making the face mask neatly located, providing breathing comfort and not irritating the facial skin. Comes with patterned colors to make this face mask look more elegant on the wearer.

According to Nabila, the Himaya H99 also meets the safety features with the use of a medical face mask (4 ply surgical mask) fabric material that is softer, not hairy, waterproof and not easily foggy (for those who wear glasses).

“What I like the most, the Himaya face mask is specially designed for those who wear hijab (head loop) and comes in a variety of attractive colors suitable to be styled with all shirt colors.

"You can still be fashionable with Himaya and as an artist, Himaya is definitely easy to match with my clothes for all events," she said.

For the new season of 2022, Himaya launched four new colors namely Vintage Chic, Pink Dew, Celadon Green and Teal In Spring. Nabila added that Himaya's face mask also 'protects' her make-up because the design is a little far from the lips which do not damage the lipstick.

"With Himaya, I don't have to worry anymore if my make-up will be ruined. My lipstick is permanent and not smudged, ” she said.
Nabila Razali himaya face mask,

Nabila also said that she was happy to work with Himaya because the company that manufactures the face mask, Anggun Kirana Sdn Bhd, is so concerned about the community.

"When the country was hit by a normal flood in December, the company came forward to donate to the flood victims," ​​she said.

Meanwhile, its chief executive officer, Datuk KK Chua, said the global community's struggle to curb the spread of Covic-19 was not over when in December the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the new Omicron variant as a variant of concern (VOC).

"To curb the spread of this new variant, H99 provides protection of up to 99 percent. For each latest release, Himaya continues to improve the quality of maximum healthcare.

"In the current situation, we still have to do various daily affairs. So with Himaya, consumers do not have to worry as long as they always wear a face mask that meets the required standards for health care, ”he said.

Datuk KK Chua said the company will continue to produce quality face masks with new colors to meet the needs of consumers.

"Now people are required to wear face masks and Himaya strives to meet the needs of the public to look stylish without neglecting health care.

“They can still be stylish with Himaya and can be styled anywhere without affecting their appearance. Himaya is also comfortable to wear for a long time without irritating the facial skin, ”he said.

Long Lasting Comfort For Hijabi

Himaya face mask is surely the number one face mask for Hijabi and this is more reason why you should choose Himaya H99 that includes :

1. Metal Strips With Soft Sponge

Himaya H99 details,

The latest release of H99 uses a metal strip with a soft sponge to make the face mask neatly located and not easily foggy so that you are always comfortable throughout the day.

2. ≥ 99% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)

BFE measures the filtration efficiency of face masks using (live) -like particles (bacteria) that vary from 5 microns to 1 micron.

3. ≥ 99% PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency)

PFE measures the filtration efficiency of face masks using (non -living) particles with fixed measurements from 1 micron to 0.1 micron.

4. 2X Melt-Blown Factory

Double the protection from melt-blown fabric for effective particle filtering to keep you safe all day.

 Himaya H99 details,

5. 4 Layer Protection

Made from premium non-woven fabric and melt-blown to provide extra protection to the wearer.

6. Comfortable Head Coils For Hijab

The soft headband design provides comfort to the hijab wearer throughout the day.


7. Suitable for Sensitive Skin

In the innermost layer of this face mask, there is a premium non-woven fabric that makes this face mask very soft on the skin and helps reduce irritation on the skin.

8. Asia Halal Brand Awards

Awarded with the Asia Halal Brand Awards, making this face mask safe to use.


9. CE Certified

Our CE Certified face masks are approved and regulated by the European Economic Area for safety, health and Environmental protection standards.

10. Certified by Yayasan Hijau Malaysia

Himaya supports and collaborates with Yayasan Hijau Malaysia. Every purchase of Himaya face mask will be donated to Malaysia's green program.

11. Celebrity Choices

This face mask is the best choice for many beloved celebrities.

Well, I guess there is a lot of reason to love Himaya 99 right? Hence, let's keep on staying safe and use the right mask to protect yourself and your love one. For more information and if you like to buy Himaya Premium Hijab Face Mask go to  :

Berani itu Jelita,

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