Wordless Wednesday : Simple Nasi Lemak for Breakfast.

Amirrah Othman
Wordless Wednesday : Simple Nasi Lemak for Breakfast. | Malaysian are well known with their favorite breakfast Nasi Lemak. If you go anywhere in Malaysia, you can find various version of Nasi Lemak where some add in the anchovies and onion in the Sambal and some just a plain sambal. My mom made sambal nasi lemak with anchovies in it and waking up in the morning smell her Nasi Lemak is so heaven. I miss her Nasi Lemak so much today.

Anyway, I honestly learn making Nasi Lemak after I got married and my mother in law teach me how to make the simple nasi lemak and I also sells it during my first pregnancy. It was a great experience selling Nasi Lemak for breakfast and of course I will share the recipe with you soon!

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In the meantime stay safe everyone!


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  1. Favourite breakfast dish! Kadang-kadang bau nasi lemak tu yang lagi buat selera nak makan tu :)

  2. Dia punya simple tu, perghhhh bikin panasss hahaha.. serius tau, lama tak makan nasi lemak gini, asal nak beli, fikir dua kali, semalam je laa makan nasi ambang tu haa..

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