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BUYING AND SELLING CEDOK-CEDOK IN ISLAM. | Assalamualaikum, these few days, the online business has gone viral with the new exciting system of selling and buying cedok-cedok(scooping system). If you are unfamiliar with it, it is actually a system where you buy something like candy per scoop, and what you get is unsure. It will be based on luck and maybe also based on buyers' generosity.

From a native perspective, maybe people will say they Halal what is less or more but no one is unsure much about it. I also bought a scoop of brooch for RM5 at Uptown Setia Alam recently. For me, it was fun because I got so many brooches with the amount that I paid. But then, when many starts questioning and arguing about the system, it is time for the Ustaz and Ulama to educate about it.

hukum cedok-cedok,


Selling in this way is the same as buying and selling gharar which was forbidden by the Prophet SAW. It is the same form as the sale and purchase of al-mulamasah which is forbidden because of the obvious element of gharar fahisy.

Rasulullah SAW has forbidden the sale and purchase of al-mulamasah and al-munabadhah. (Sahih Bukhari and Muslim)

According to Imam Nawawi, al-mulamasah is a form of buying and selling goods such as clothes that are touched by the buyer in the dark without looking, is considered a sale. Mulamasah is also a sale and purchase that takes place on any item, without looking in detail, then it is counted as a sale. And there can be no more choice.

This kind of spoon trading, according to Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani is a form of ignorant trading.

Imam Nawawi described such trading as invalid, invalid because it contains the element of gharar.

Rasulullah SAW strictly forbade the form of buying and selling gharar (Sahih Muslim). Gharar is a sale and purchase in which the buyer cannot be sure of the goods to be obtained (master al-aqibah). Even the form and structure of the sale and purchase have been created to create an element of uncertainty.

Gharar there are two conditions, whether gharar exists, in which the basic structure of the sale and purchase cannot be ascertained whether the goods are acquired or not.

Both are gharar al-siffah, i.e. uncertainty about what kind of product will be obtained.

The sale and purchase of cedok-cedok is the same as the sale and purchase of mulamasah where it is clear that the basic structure of sales is in the form of gharar. This is because what the buyer will get is uncertain and there is no minimum level of goods that can be guaranteed to be obtained.

Be careful whether the seller or the buyer, both are prohibited from engaging in such activities. It is an ignorant practice that should not be used as a business or deliberately want to create content.

Maybe someone said, it was just RM5 purchase/buying but since the structure it is gharar then it remains haram.

والله أعلم

Ahmad Sufyan Che Abdullah

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Inshallah masih awal untuk stop. Kita tegur tanda sayang. Moga Allah berkati rezeki kita. Maafkan saya kerana menasihati.

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Enjoy listening and take note of what this trend is about. Remember anything is doubtful is better to stop and leave. 
May all our deeds be accepted by Allah.

p/s: What business I should do then?

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  1. nak terjebak juga haritu masa lalu kat fyp TT tapi tak jadi beli sebab dlm akaun menipis..lepas tu baru terbaca pasal ni...

  2. Alhamdulillah... Ada dah ustaz yang tegur... Harap yang terjebak tu kena stop lah... Yang berniaga penuhkan ilmu berniaga terutama bab hukum hakam ..

    1. Betul tu. Kena selidik dulu sebelum buat sesuatu..

  3. Now they said can cedok cedok using gram? But every item prices was different. how sis?

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