HYPE GLOBAL VENTURES Celebrate Merdeka With Two Nationalistic Concerts.

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HYPE GLOBAL VENTURES Celebrate Merdeka With Two Nationalistic Concerts. | It's been a while since we didn't have any big celebration during Merdeka day after Covid-19 hit the world. It has always been a fun night to countdown Merdeka(Independent Day) as Malaysian always hold many concerts and events during that night.

On the eve of August 31, which is quite sacred for all Malaysians whether, in the Peninsular or Sabah and Sarawak, HYPE GLOBAL VENTURES refused to miss the opportunity to celebrate.

Malam Merdeka Bah Kita 2022, Hype Global Ventures,

If previously HYPE GLOBAL VENTURES was very famous as an organizer actively involved in uptown events and sales management, this year was the first step for them to expand their empire through entertainment projects such as concerts. And for the first time, with a high spirit of nationalism, HYPE GLOBAL VENTURES will organize an entertainment event, not one but two concerts scheduled to be held in Tawau, Sabah, and The Mines Sri Kembangan, Selangor.

Named Malam Merdeka Bah Kita 2022, the concert will take place at the Tawau Sports Complex on 30 August 2022The concert will start at 6pm with tickets priced at RM45, RM80, and RM120 and also can be purchased at ticket2u.com

Johari Mohd Yusof, Hype Global Ventures Director with Hazama
Johari Mohd Yusof, Hype Global Ventures Director with Hazama

The line-up of entertainers provided by the organizers also already has its own followers and became a bonus when HYPE GLOBAL VENTURES brought a special singer from Indonesia to enliven the country's independence night as a kindred symbol.

Among the singers who will entertain visitors are Insin Umbrella, Hazama, Shidi Data, Azan Scan, Hafiz Umbrella Zidan, Angga Candra, Nabila Maharani, Tri Suaka and Valdy Nyonk.

Johari Mohd Yusof, Hype Global Ventures Director with Hazama
During the Press Conference of two concert

"All the lines of singers that we bring to Malam Merdeka Bah Kita 2022 have followers and are loved by fans nowadays.

"In fact, some of the Indonesian artists we bring have more than 100 million views on YouTube.
"We intentionally combined the line-up of Malaysian and Indonesian singers as a symbol of unity on that historic night," said Hype Global Ventures Management Director, Johari Mohd Yusof.

In fact, this carnival in Tawau lasts for three days, from 28 to 30 August 2022 as the culminating night to celebrate independence.

Hazama concert,

In addition to the concert which is the highlight of the carnival in Tawau, there are many activities provided for visitors including karaoke competitions, battle of the bands and carnival sales from food to various items and clothes.

Lucky visitors may take home the main prize or lucky draw which is a 250cc motorcycle after 12pm, 30 August.

"We very much welcome the arrival of visitors not only from Tawau or Sabah, but also Indonesia since the location of the carnival and concert, which is the Tawau Sports Complex, has a large capacity in addition to its proximity to Kalimantan," added Johari.

To continue the nationalism, HYPE GLOBAL VENTURES held a second performance, Malam Santai Musical scheduled to take place at Hype Uptown Night Bazar Seri Kembangan on 2 September 2022.

The performance which will start at 8.30pm will feature Zidan, Angga Candra, Nabila Maharani, Tri Suaka, and Valdy Nyonk as a special appearance to entertain visitors at the uptown site which is indeed the focus of many.

Two ticket prices are sold which are RM65 and RM165. The RM165 tickets will be limited to only 200pax.

"Selecting to perform at the Uptown The Mines location because this is where HYPE started. We have more than 400 shops here and indirectly by organizing this show it will add promotional value to this place," said Johari.

For any further information, please call +6012-674 8347 Farizal and +6019 560 7948 Tado for the show at Mines.


Tawau, Sabah
Concert Name: Malam Merdeka Bah Kita 2022
Location: Tawau Sports Complex, Sabah
Date : 30.8.2022
Time: 6 pm to 12 midnight
Performers: Innin Umbrella, Hazama, Shidi Data, Azan, Hafiz Umbrella Zidan, Angga Candra,
Nabila Maharani, Tri Suaka, Valdy Nyonk
Ticket Price: RM45, RM80, RM120

Uptown The Mines, Seri Kembangan
Performance Name: The Mines Musical Relaxation Night
Location: Uptown The Mines
Date : 2.9.2022
Time: 9 to 11 pm
Performers: Zidan, Angga Candra, Nabila Maharani, Tri Suaka, Valdy Nyonk
Ticket Price: RM65, RM165

Do save the date and book the tickets now to watch this concerts from two nations today!

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  1. Waa ramainya artis hebat, kat Johor ni entah laa takde plak promo Merdeka lagi..

  2. Can't wait to see Angga Candra, Nabila Maharani & Tri Suaka performance! hihihi

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