Buffet Ramadan 2023 Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur.

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Buffet Ramadan 2023 Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur. | During this incoming Ramadan, not only hotels and restaurants will pack with reservation but also the event venue. Of of it Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur and this year will be the second year they are offering the Buffet Ramadan for their customer.

Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur welcomes Ramadan 2023 with an attractive diverse
selection of Malaysian cuisine Buffet Ramadhan along with other all times Malaysian delights. Ignite the spirit of Ramadan with your family, friends, and colleagues and celebrate the Joy of Holy month starting from 25th March till
19th April 2023

Buffet Ramadan 2023 Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur

Buffet Ramadan Below RM100 in the Heart of Kuala Lumpur

The venues which is designed to provide maximum convenience and comfort for every occasion to meet the growing needs of a new and ideal venue is located in a dynamic integrated city area, Kuala Lumpur add is complemented services, in building Wi-Fi connectivity, advanced audio visual systems, teleconferencing facilities, and access FREE PARKING bays in within the area. 

Accessibility to Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur is served by two LRT stations which are within walking distance for commuting convenience. Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur is poised to become an exceptional center of business and leisure by offering the ideal venue for any corporate event be it big or small, wedding,  conference, or others with affordable and reasonable price packages.

cucur udang

Buffet Ramadan 2023 Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur
ikan keli berlado

ikan bakar with kicap

Asam Pedas Tetel
Asam Pedas Tetel

Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur with seating capacity 250 to 300 per day offers the perfect enjoyment to rejoice the festivity of holy months for the Muslims especially. The buffet spreads prepared by Executive Chef Mohamed Muzaffar and dedicated back of house team are organizing buffet concept. 

Serves up tempting local cuisine, delightful western dishes as well as other dedicated action stalls where chefs perform gastronomical stunts right before the diners’ eyes providing patrons a journey that promises to excite their palate, delight their palate, delight their senses.

roasted lamb leg
Roasted Lamb

The highlight of the buffet is our well marinated, succulent Grilled Lamb which fits for the Ramadhan feast every day. Apart from the Grilled Lamb, the buffet spread features traditional authentic kampung food such as tender Daging Gulai Kentang Utara, Ikan Masin Nenas, Ikan Bakar, Ayam Palembang, Kerabu Sotong, and Lempeng & Sambal Bilis.


Traditional “kampung” atmosphere we brought in and indulge and sink your teeth into one or all 50s’ of our Traditional Malay & Nyonya kuih as well as other assorted puddings, cakes, and a good selection of refreshing “Air Balang” drinks
as our signature. We also introducing our Special Cendol the all-times Malaysian favourite.

@shamieraosment Ramadan Buffet 2023 at Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur The buffet meal prepared by Executive Chef Mohamed Muzaffar and the kitchen crew served interesting local cuisine, delicious western dishes as well as stalls serving a variety of side dishes for guests to choose from. Among the available menus are Masak Lemak Cili Api Daging, Sweet Sour Fish, Berlado Fried Catfish, Palembang Chicken, Masak Lemak Salted Fish, Masala Fried Chicken, Chicken Curry and many more. There is also Roasted Lamb, our Traditional Malay & Nyonya Cakes as well as various puddings, cakes, and a selection of "Air Balang" drinks Rekindle the spirit of Ramadan with your family, friends and colleagues and celebrate at Zebra Square Kuala Lumpur. Buffet price; ⭐️ Adults : RM85.90/adult ⭐️ Children (under 12 years old): RM45.00/child ⭐️ Seniors (60 years old and above): RM 45.00/seniors *Early Bird 26th February 2023 to 20th March 2023 ⭐️ Buy 5 seats, get 1 seat free and up to 50 seats Wi-Fi connection facilities, state-of-the-art audio visual system, and FREE parking access. #buffetramadhan2023 #buffetramadan #buffetramadan2022 #buffetramadhan #ZebraSquareKL ♬ Tari Tualang Tiga - Puan Sri Saloma

Zebra Square KL Buffet Ramadhan offers priced at: -

Adult: RM85.90/adult
Kids (with below 12-years old): RM45.00/kids
Senior Citizen (with above 60-years old): RM 45.00/senior

The early bird promotion from 26th February 2023 to 20th March 2023 offers buy 5 seating with free 1 seating and up to 50. 

In order to liven up the atmosphere of the buffet every year, Zebra Square will invite orphans and shelters to celebrate and share with them their sustenance in the month of Ramadhan. They want to open up space and opportunities for
philanthropists out there to share with these orphans. Those interested in participating in this fund can contact them for more information.

For reservations, call 019 – 340 5719 / 019 – 233 1180 / 017 – 251 6316 or e-mail info@moderndynamicgroup.com

Salam Ramadan Mubarak,


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