Guide On The Yummiest Buka Puasa Eats At Pavilion Bukit Jalil!

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Guide On The Yummiest Buka Puasa Eats At Pavilion Bukit Jalil! | Are you to be in Pavillion Bukit Jalil this Ramadan and have no idea what to eat for Buka Puasa? We know the hassle that comes with looking for somewhere special to buka puasa with your friends and family. In addition to looking for yummy, nutritious food, you’ve also got to make sure that the place can accommodate your entire group – especially in this busy period. 

We’ve put together a scrumptious list of options at the dining paradise that is Pavilion Bukit Jalil to help you find the right spots for all your buka puasa gatherings.  

buka puasa at Grandmama's,
Scrumptious menu at Grandmama's

Iftar with LOVE!

buka puasa at Pavillion Bukit Jalil,

Oftentimes, breaking fast is a group occasion, with families, friends and colleagues, gathering together to replenish and refresh their bodies after a long day’s fast. 

To make the most of your Ramadan dinner occasions, take your family to an iconic Malaysian classic! A local favourite, Grandmama’s ‘buka puasa’ menu features sets of ‘Nasi Dulang Bukhari’ with various options such as the ‘braised boneless lamb leg,’ ‘roasted turmeric chicken,’ ‘spiced mixed seafood,’ and ‘braised beef topside’. With a contemporary and spacious family-friendly atmosphere, this restaurant is the perfect venue for ‘buka puasa’. Those looking for a quick fix of their favourite local snacks can also drop by Sedap by Grandmama’s.

The group with small eaters who appreciate big flavours can head over to D’Laksa for some hearty ‘Asam Laksa’, ‘Asam Lobsterball’, ‘Asam Fishball’ and the all-time Malaysian favourite - ‘Fruit Rojak’, while those looking for other local flavours can also visit Seniman to try their famous ‘Nasi Dulang’ that makes for the perfect sharing platter. 

The newly opened Two Cents Hot Wings is also a must-try for those ready to turn up the heat. Serving up buffalo wings with different spice levels from ‘golden teriyaki’ to ‘ghost pepper’, these wings are the perfect go-to for those looking for a quick meal or a spicy challenge with their friends and family this Ramadan season. 

A delicacy full of hearty tastes and flavourful aromas, Mee Hiris China Muslim brings North Chinese halal cuisine to your family's table. Well-known for its traditional hand-sliced noodles, tenderly braised, perfectly seasoned meats and dumplings overflowing with savoury broth, dining within its picturesque interior is sure to be a memorable experience with your loved ones.

Alternatively, consider a wholesome, vegetarian dining experience with Simple Life! A thoughtfully curated menu of vegetarian dishes will have you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and – most importantly – full all while using organic ingredients, speciality, multigrain rice and brown rice noodles. Hot tip: Try out their organic lei cha and deep-fried lion’s mane mushrooms. 


Grandmama's - Flavours of Malaysia

Sedap by Grandmama’s

Level 1 (Orange Zone)

Level 5 (Pink Zone)



Level 1 (Orange Zone)

Level 4 (Orange Zone)

Two Cents Hot Wings

Level 1 (Pink Zone)

Mee Hiris China Muslim

Level 1 (Pink Zone)

Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant

Level 1 (Orange Zone)

Quench your thirst.

buka puasa at Pavillion Bukit Jalil,

Anyone that’s ever fasted will tell you the same thing: thirst always outweighs hunger.

Break your fast in the most refreshing ways possible at Go Coconuts. Full of electrolytes and potassium, coconuts are perfect for rehydration. At Go Coconuts, you can enjoy coconut juice as a shake, in your coffee, blended with other fruit or even in a pudding! Refreshing, revitalising and mineral-packed - it’s truly the perfect thirst quencher.

Want a wider variety of fruits? Juicy has different concoctions featuring sweet mangos, tart lemons, creamy avocados and light honeydew. This popular juice brand partners with local distributors to ensure your juice is always fresh, packed with vitamins and undoubtedly Juicy!

For a quick superfood fix, Bo The Avocado is a must-visit for yummy and nutritious avocado smoothies. Known to be rich in fibre, folate, potassium, vitamin E, and magnesium, the smoothies here are also available with dairy alternatives such as oat, macadamia and almond milk making it the perfect stop for health-conscious shoppers. (Psst! Try their Avocado Toast and Avo Lime Cheesecake to satisfy your avocado cravings.)


Go Coconuts

Level 1 (Orange Zone)


Level 1 (Pink Zone)

Bo The Avocado

Level 1 (Pink Zone)

Level 5 (Pink Zone) - Inside Blue Ice Snow Park 

There’s always room for dessert.

buka puasa at Pavillion Bukit Jalil,

For something sweet, check out Rollney’s kurtoskalacs which are delectable on its own or paired with some creamy chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Alternatively, stop by Yogurt Cow for low-sugar fruity yoghurt drinks that will hit that sweet spot while keeping the calories off.

Drop by Kwong Wah Ice Kacang for the best Ice Kacang and Cendol in town! Indulge in shaved ice, topped with rich gula melaka and loaded with coconut milk and your favourite toppings after a long day of craving something sweet and icy. (Foodie note: Their Asam Laksa and Chee Chong Fun are must-tries!)

Let’s be honest: even when it's NOT fasting season, we all crave a thick milkshake every now and then. At Perfect Ice, you can order up a decadent treat! With a vast array of delectable flavours, from banana to classic vanilla and the oh-so-divisive (and delicious) mint chocolate chip! (Must try: their light Korean food & snack such as Tteokbokki and Korean Fried Chicken Wings)



Level 1 (Orange Zone)

Yogurt Cow

Level 5 (Pink Zone)

Kwong Wah Ice Kacang

Level 3 (Pink Zone)

Perfect Ice

Level 1 (Pink Zone)

Fill up your pantry for Ramadan and Raya!

While you’re here, don’t forget to stock up your pantry with goodies perfect for breaking your fast. With convenience, quality, and an international spread of groceries for all your Ramadan cooking needs, The Food Merchant helps you create that perfect dish, one aisle at a time.

Here, you can find sweet dates that come in a variety of textures and flavours. If you’re looking for something sweeter still, may we suggest stocking up on their luxurious array of baklava and Turkish delight that is sure to be a hit with guests. Alternatively, you can satiate your post-dinner peckishness with some light and crunchy bites from myEureka Snack


The Food Merchant

Level 1 (Orange Zone)

myEureka Snack!

Level 1 (Orange Zone)

Bonus: Get your Raya shopping done early

One last thing! As Ramadan leads into Hari Raya, here’s your reminder to get your shopping done early! Consider stopping by HOOGA for a minimalist yet the aesthetically pleasing array of Danish-inspired furniture and décor to spruce up your home for the festive season.

For more localised festive cheer, browse the shelves of duluKINI! showcasing the story of modern and classic Malaysian culture through its unique wares. From traditional rattan-crafted items to a variety of traditional clothes for you to tailor into your own creations, and even a cute ketupat handbag, duluKini! has got what you need for any Malaysian festive season.

Jazz up your fits for the upcoming Raya season, with gorgeous ready-to-wear pieces that are both minimalistic and elegant by dUCk. Pair it with an eye-catching piece of jewellery from Habib Jewel and finish with a signature scent from Arabian Oud, and you’ll be all set for the season! 



Level 4 (Pink Zone)


Level 2 (Pink Zone)


Level 2 (Pink Zone)

Habib Jewel

Level 2 (Pink Zone)

Arabian Oud

Level 2 (Orange Zone)

Do check out my experience on food hunting at Pavillion Bukit Jalil recently here :
@shamieraosment Next week nak puasa dah. Nanti korang yang shopping raya kat @Pavilion Bukit Jalil jangan lupa buka puasa kat sana k! . Ada banyak kedai korang boleh datang untuk buka and ni antara 6 tempat yang dah pergi and recommended best. . Yang last tu memang terpaling wahib cuba tau! #pavillionbukitjalil #bukapuasapavillionbukitjalil #bukapuasa2023 #bukapuasacheck #tempatbukapuasakl ♬ Live Your Beautiful Life - Gray Griggs

Salam Ramadan Al-Mubarak everyone!


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