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PPZ-MAIWP LAUNCHES RAMADAN ANUGERAH TERINDAH CAMPAIGN. | Salam Ramadan Kareem everyone, did you know one of the obligations for those who are capable during this Ramadan is to pay the Zakat Fitrah. As someone who has married, the obligation goes to my husband. 

But then, if you have a good income and wealth you also have to pay Zakat 2.5% of all the wealth you have. Many take this as a small matters, but in reality it is a MUST/WAJIB if you are eligible for it.



Ahead of Ramadan 1444H, the Zakat Collection Center - Federal Territories Islamic Religious Council (PPZ-MAIWP) today launched the Ramadan Campaign
The Most Beautiful Award that will last throughout Ramadan.

It aims to encourage the Muslim community, especially in the Territories, the Federation, to pay zakat in the month of Ramadan in addition to promoting services and payment channels as well as interesting programs organized by PPZ-MAIWP throughout Ramadan this year.

Kempen Ramadan Anugerah Terindah PPZ,

Themed "Ramadan Anugerah Terindah", PPZ-MAIWP would like to invite zakat payers and asnaf to make Ramadan the most beautiful this year with piety and love for fellow human beings through sharing sustenance and lightening the burden of those in need.

Special campaign this time, PPZ-MAIWP provides a payment channel for the public to donate. For information, starting December 2022, PPZ-MAIWP has been authorized to collect waqaf in the Federal Territory.

Kempen Ramadan Anugerah Terindah PPZ,

As encouragement, PPZ-MA/WP also offers more than 1,000 special attractive gifts for zakat payers who pay zakat harta, fitrah and cash waqf at PPZ-AIWP through the payment channels provided.

Among the gifts offered are Umrah Packages, Exclusive Prayer Sets, Constellation Clocks, Smartphones, iPads, food vouchers and many more.

Kempen Ramadan Anugerah Terindah PPZ,

PPZ-MAIWP also provides a variety of interesting programs and activities throughout Ramadan such as Vibe Ramadan Tadabbur Al-Quran, Conversation, Turn Field Program, Prayer of Believers' Weapons and Interactive Zakat Quiz as well as many other scientific content.

The public is invited to follow the official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pages of the Bag Zakat Collection Center to follow the latest developments and interesting information.

In line with the motto of PPZ-MAIWP, which is "Making it easy for you to give zakat", various channels are provided to facilitate the payment of zakat.

Services and Payment Channels Throughout Ramadan

The obligation of zakat fitrah can be fulfilled through:

1. PPZ-MAIWP portal
- fitrah.zakat.com.my

2. Amil Fitrah
- 921 amil fitrah assistants throughout the Federal Territories
- 10 PPZ-MAIWP counters, mosques, suraus and supermarkets

3.   PPZ-MAIWP collection online agents
- 15 internet banking
- E-Wallet - Boost, Shopee, Tulus, GoPayz, The Noor,  Raiz
- Online Portal - senangPay, MyEG, PayHalal, MyPay, Elzar Shariah, AI AI and MyVerify.

Property zakat payment channels online and offline:

1. Counter PZ-MAIWP - Open 7 Days a Week including Public Holidays
8.15 am - 4.30 pm.

2. Portal - zakat.com.my (count, pay, check)

3. MyZakat application

4. Monthly Zakat Deduction Scheme (PZB Scheme)

5. Door To Door
(Mobile Zakat Counter), Ride2U & Digital Zakat Counter -
This service is special for payers who want to get services
in person & no time to go to the counter. Reservations can be made at

6. Zakat Collection Agents - Internet Banking, Bank Counter, Post Office, E-Wallet,Firms & Others

Cash Waqf Payment can be implemented through :

1. PPZ-MAIWP Counter - Open 7 Days a Week including Public Holidays from
8.15 am - 4.30 pm.

2. Portal - wakafppz.com.my

3. Mobile Zakat and Waqf counters

PPZ-MAIWP calls for all Muslim communities in the Federal Territory to seize
the blessings of Ramadan by paying zakat to return asnaf rights as much as possible 2.5% that is found in our property so that this asnaf can be treated and happy in Hari Raya Aidilfitri like other Muslims.

For more information on this campaign:

call 1300 88 5757 or 
email info@zakat.com.my.

Let's do our part and be good Muslims, shall we?


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  1. A very good effort. Congratulations to those involved.

  2. Alhamdulillah...Sambil tarik perhatian, ada rezeki boleh menang hadiah kan :)

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