Nynaa Harizal Launch Her Beauty Lip Booster Serum

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Nynaa Harizal Launch Her Beauty Lip Booster Serum. | Lips is one of the assets that woman will take care of most in the face area. As for me, my confidence level is at 0% if I didn't wear any lipstick cos I have dark lips.

To be invited to the first innovative product 'Lip Booster Serum' event was an honor and a great opportunity for me to solve my issue. Kudos to Nynaa Harizal who released the 
Lip Booster Serum by the brand 'Her Beauty' that is comparable to international brands with affordable prices

Her Beauty Lip Booster Serum

In line with the market potential of the beauty industry more and more witness the dominance of locally produced brands in Malaysia, celebrities Nynaa Harizal is wise to take advantage of the opportunity to start practicing in the business world
at the same time building a cosmetics empire through her own brand, 'Her Beauty' which was officially launched at a closed press conference held recently.

Nynaa Harizal Launch Her Beauty Lip Booster Serum
Nynaa and her husband

Opening the first step as an entrepreneur in the field of cosmetics, Nynaa Harizal
through the 'Her Beauty' brand introduced its first intensive lip treatment product,
Fire & Ice Lip Booster Serum created with high technology to also act as a plumper to provide a solution for tiny, radiant lips with an immediate elastic effect to user.

For the first time as well, the premiere of the 'Her Beauty' commercial television ad specially published as a marketing strategy to promote cosmetic products Fire & Ice Lip Booster Serum was also shown to the media line-up officially at the time
the launch ceremony.

Nynaa Harizal Launch Her Beauty Lip Booster Serum

Commenting further on the launch of the Fire & Ice Lip Booster Serum product, Nynaa Harizal as the Founder and CEO of 'Her Beauty' said, 

"As we know,information and data are the most important elements before entering the field business especially involving cosmetic beauty products.  Therefore, we first have done a detailed study to identify the market and target customers so that the products produced are in line with current demand and not of a 'shock' nature itself.

Through our observations while still in the 'market research' phase for the brand 'Her Beauty', we found the trend of customers in Malaysia now tends to choose products local products that offer high quality at reasonable prices. This shows that the community's awareness of local brands and products is increasing.This also proves that the quality of local products is seen to be comparable to other products international.

Therefore, we feel this is the best time to launch the first product release of 'Her Beauty' which is Fire & Ice Lip Booster Serum to compete healthily with existing products in the market. As a new player in the beauty industry, we aim to expand the business mission and potential of 'Her Beauty' to the highest level through various strategies for a more extensive promotional framework has already been planned and will be carried out accordingly step by step to promote our brand.”

Her Beauty ; Fire & Ice

Her Beauty Lip Booster Serum review,
the comparison when wearing Her Beauty lip booster Serum

Marketed at an affordable retail price of as low as RM44.90 per box, Fire & Ice products Lip Booster Serum comes with two types of moisturizing serums that give an effect different but complementary when used together. 

Its texture is light in nature and easily absorbs into the lips to provide protection and lasts for four hours without feeling greasy and sticky.

Her Beauty Lip Booster Serum review,

>Fire Serum formulated with natural moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid,  jojoba oil, organic coconut oil extract, almond oil, vitamin E, and seed oil grapes will provide a warming effect that can make the lips smaller, taut, and moist naturally safely.

While the Ice serum is enriched with a berry extract, vitamin E, murumuru butter and argan oil that will provide a cooling effect after using the Fire serum for provides moisture to treat dry, dull, and chapped lips.

I have tried the Lips Booster Serum and I do agree it has immediate effects after you used it. And for me, this is one of the great ways for women who wanted plumper lips without any surgery or injection. Let's do it in a Halal and safer way, ladies!

The Fire & Ice Lip Booster Serum lip treatment product can be purchased through the official website at www.herbeauty.com.my or social media platform Instagram @myherbeauty or Tiktok @myherbeauty or through registered agents and stockists.


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