Suke TV Releases New Lineup of Programs To Keep Bringing Happy Back To Malaysians.

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Suke TV Releases New Lineup of Programs To Keep Bringing Happy Back To Malaysians. | Who is the avid user of SukeTV? SUKE TV, a new homegrown broadcast network launched by Dato’ AC Mizal has been entertaining its audience since Mac 2022. And it almost a year and they surely have made many great progress since then.

Good news to all, Suke TV, the latest new entertainment and home shopping broadcasting network in Malaysia, has announced its new lineup of programs for 2023. With the motto of “Bringing Happy Back”, Suke TV aims to keep Malaysians entertained and informed with its diverse genres of programs.

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Suke TV New Programs 2023.

suke tv host,
Suke TV Host 2023

The new programs include Suke Tune, VC (Video Clip), I PC U (I Penasihat Cinta U), Pin Pin Siapa Tu, Odah Billionaire, Suke Tanya Ustaz, Suke Celeb Raya, and the new season of popular programs like Berita Latah Season 4, Tanya Jer Season 2 and Sejarah Dari Sejadah Season 2. 

To keep Malaysians entertained and empower the local industry, Suke TV has also partnered with home-grown animator Wan Animation Studios to bring forth their creative content creation and introduced Suke U Movie, a live program spearheaded by the interns with the guidance and support by Suke TV.

Suke U Movie is a live program short film competition for higher education institutions students and its alumni whereby students will be given the opportunity to showcase their works of art and discuss them on the live show.

Suke Tune
is a live weekly musical program hosted by Chacha Maembong and Syrul Ezwan, where the program features local and international artists competing for the Suke Tune Award, airing every Monday from 9 PM to 10 pm.

VC (Video Clip) is a live musical program-like platform featuring music videos from local and international artists, where artists are in contention to win awards for the most-voted music video and the best music video that will be revealed during the Suke Tune Award. Both platforms promote the development of uprising and established artists, and bands from various genres and categories.

In light of the Ramadhan approaching, Suke TV has also prepared religious informative programs like Sejarah Dari Sejadah Season 2, a program that tells the life story of Prophet Muhammad SAW airing throughout Ramadan and also a new program, Suke Tanya Ustaz is a live interview program whereby it provides the opportunity for the audience in the studio as well as at home to ask few questions regarding the topic in discussion depending on the topic of the episode.

Suke Celeb Raya is a live home-shopping program featuring a line-up of local celebrities like Adam Corrie, Dato’ Aliff Syukri, Dynas Mokhtar, Siti Shahreza (Eja), Ezlynn, Sasha Abdul Aziz, and more with their Raya-themed products on Products range from fashion, cosmetics, ready-to-eat paste and more. 

“We’re thrilled to feature celebrities and KOLs and share their wonderful product offerings to complete everyone’s Ramadan and Raya celebrations”, 

said Datin Emylia Rosnaida, Director and Chief Talent Management Officer.

Tanya Jer Season 2 is a comedy talk show featuring celebrity couples, while Berita Latah Season 4 is a comedy news parody featuring gut-wrenching news anchors. Odah Billionaire is a live talk show featuring Emelda Rosmila as Odah, a billionaire from a remote village in Perak.

is a romantic talk show hosted by two female hosts, interviewing the top and current male artists and discussing their preference for their dream woman.

Pin Pin Siapa Tu?, on the other hand, is our show about an intrepid TV host that transforms into a daring delivery rider who takes you on a wild ride to the doorstep of your favourite celebrities’ doorsteps. He kicks things up a notch by engaging in exciting activities with his guests while they dish out their latest career triumphs and milestones. With Pin Pin Siapa Tu?, you'll get an insight into your favourite celebrities like never before. 

This program will be supported by our mobile partner and sponsor, TECNO Mobile Malaysia.

Dato’ AC Mizal, Founder & Chairman of Suke TV
Dato’ AC Mizal, Founder & Chairman of Suke TV

"We're excited to introduce our new lineup of programs, and we hope to continue bringing Malaysians happiness and entertainment. Furthermore, we’d also like to thank our sponsorship partners for their trust and continuous support of Suke TV. So, don’t forget to tune in to Suke TV!" 

 said Dato’ AC Mizal, Founder & Chairman, who also helmed the Chief Content Officer at Suke TV.

Muhammad Reeve Damien (Reeve Damien), Suke TV’s Music Director
Muhammad Reeve Damien (Reeve Damien), Suke TV’s Music Director 

Adding on, Suke TV also would like to introduce the talented Muhammad Reeve Damien (Reeve Damien), Suke TV’s Music Director who has been the brain in composing and developing the program soundtrack, tune and jingles on Suke TV since its inception.

Thank You Tecno Mobile for a lovely gift

From the list program, I guess many can't wait to watch Berita Latah again and again right? But my daughter's favorite animation-Wan Animation is going to be on the top list too.

Hence, to tune in, viewers can watch channel 116 on MYTV or download MYTV's Mana Mana App on Apple store or Google Playstore.

For more information, visit Suke TV's website at


SUKE TV, a new homegrown broadcast network launched by Dato’ AC Mizal brings hope, heart, and value to people, homes and enterprises through world-class entertainment and rewards. With its extensive infrastructure, expertise, and forthcoming industry partnerships, SUKE TV aims to develop and deliver original content of all genres for Malaysian TVs and digital mediums on the go. From innovative shopping experiences, and heart-wrenching dramas, to amusing comedies and exciting sports, SUKE TV aims to connect over 30 million Malaysians through a unique perspective on entertainment. For more information, please visit


SUKE SHOP is the newest e-commerce shopping chain in Malaysia owned by Dato AC Mizal under his entertainment network banner, SUKE TV. The SUKE SHOP network allows local entrepreneurs to promote and market their products using SUKE TV’s live shopping broadcast and e-commerce platform. Since its debut, the platform has brought together hundreds of celebrities, public figures, influencers, entrepreneurs as well as micro-sellers to showcase their businesses and expand their audience reach. To make a purchase, visit

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